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APCON Introduces IntellaView HyperEngine

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APCON, an industry-leading provider of hybrid network visibility solutions, today announced the release of the IntellaView HyperEngine Packet Processor. This addition to APCON’s IntellaView network visibility system offers advanced packet processing in addition to 600Gbps of high-performance processing, significantly increasing efficiency and visibility of network security, analytics and performance monitoring solutions.

The HyperEngine Packet Processor is an advanced network packet broker solution that enables the IntellaView system to deliver high-performance features for ultra-high-speed network infrastructures. It adds superior processing power for real-time packet processing and delivers streamlined packet traffic to existing network monitoring and security tools.

“Fueled by several technology trends, enterprises everywhere are undergoing a digital business transformation that drives an exponential increase in data usage and network traffic,” said Richard Rauch, President and CEO of APCON. "To accommodate this, organizations are rapidly adopting high-speed, high-capacity infrastructures, creating visibility and security gaps that traditional network tools may overlook. With HyperEngine’s ultra-high-speed packet processing and APCON’s innovative network visibility and security fabric, organizations can achieve total network visibility and reduce security gaps."

The IntellaView HyperEngine offers six high-performance, multi-threaded network processors with flexible user-selectable service options. These service engines provide convenient configuration of advanced packet processing features for network monitoring.

HyperEngine is part of APCON’s IntellaView network visibility solution, and is compatible with all systems from 3RU to 9RU. Pair it with Titan, APCON’s centralized management system, to enhance multi-site management and get 24/7 visibility.

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