Next-Generation Hybrid Visibility Platform

Secure Your Hybrid Data Center
with State-of-the-Art Visibility Technology

APCON’s IntellaView, a next-generation 100G hybrid visibility platform, accommodates your growing number of users, data, and applications. The platform delivers high performance and density, scalability, and access to hybrid networks spanning cloud, virtualized, and on-premises infrastructures.

IntellaView 9RU, 5RU, and 3RU

Get industry-leading performance with hybrid scale

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Future-ready for hybrid networks

Get visibility for 5G mobile networks, IoT devices, video streaming, and data-intensive apps.

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High-density design that scales

Get scale and investment protection with 1G / 10G / 25G / 40G / 100G high-density ports.

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Up to four times lower TCO

A higher, full-featured, multi-speed port count gives you more visibility in a smaller form factor.

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Maximize security intelligence

Get the right traffic to your security & network monitoring tools with advanced features including deduplication, packet-slicing, and protocol header stripping.

EMA Case Study: Network Management Megatrends

Find out the latest challenges network and security professionals encounter.

IntellaView Next Generation Blades and Chassis

IntellaView Chassis

APCON IntellaView Chassis are the next generation of network visibility appliances. Each can be configured with up to six next-generation fabric cards providing full mesh connectivity with the blades.

  • 1.5RU IntellaView Chassis

    1.5RU IntellaView Chassis

    Accommodates a single blade, like the IntellaView bypass TAP

  • IntellaView 3RU Chassis

    3RU IntellaView Chassis

    Up to 2 blades

  • IntellaView Chassis 5RU

    5RU IntellaView Chassis

    Up to 4 blades

  • IntellaView 9RU Chassis

    9RU IntellaView Chassis

    Up to 8 blades.

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IntellaView Blades

The APCON IntellaView blades’ aggregation and filtering technologies make it easy to monitor high-speed networks. With the broadest range of advanced features, network engineers are confident the right traffic is delivered to the right tools all the time.

  • IntellaView Bypass TAP

    Security Tool Failover Protection With the ACI-4034 Bypass TAP

    Continue to use your 10G and 40G tools with 100G network traffic and reduce security risks and performance issues

  • IntellaView HyperEngine Blade

    Ultra High Speed Packet Processing With the ACI-4033-E00-1 HyperEngine

    600Gbps of high performance for real-time processing across 1G / 10G / 40G / 100G feeds

  • IntellaView Blade E52

    Port Density with the ACI-4030-E52

    48 ports capable of supporting 1G, 10G, or 25G & 4 ports of 40 / 100G

  • IntellaView Blade E36

    Port density with the ACI-4030-E36

    36 40 / 100G front panel ports capable of supporting 144 1G / 10G / 25G ports with breakouts

  • EdgeSwitch Packet Aggregator

    Top-of-rack aggregation with the ACI-4432-EDG-1 EdgeSwitch

    High-density 1RU system with 32 ports of 40G / 100G Ethernet capability, while the breakout mode can support up to 128 ports of 10G / 25G

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IntellaView™ Management Interface

The IntellaView Management Interface delivers an intuitive user experience for managing your hybrid network visibility infrastructure from a single screen.

View the entire network, including system status and summary of any events. The best-in-class, easy-to-use IntellaView Graphical User Interface (GUI) saves IT resources by notifying designated users of alert conditions, analyzing network traffic using RMON statistics, scheduling and implementing firmware updates in batch mode, and managing user accounts.

  • IntellaView ACL-Filtering
  • IntellaView ACL-Stacks
  • IntellaView Connections
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New Series 4000 HyperEngine Packet Processor

New IntellaView HyperEngine Packet Processor

The IntellaView HyperEngine enables real-time packet processing of 100G network traffic to prevent tool oversubscription and supports up to 600Gbps total throughput through six packet processing service engines that can be run concurrently. Each service engine can be configured for one of the following two services:

  • Packet deduplication with increased cache size and longer caching window to increase the effectiveness of removing duplicate packets and improve tool efficiency.
  • NetFlow record generation for generating traffic statistics and offloading processes from routers and production equipment to increase efficiency and save cost. The unsampled flow records contain data of every packet in the data stream for a complete representation of the traffic.
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New IntellaView 100G Bypass TAP

Bypass network traffic around out-of-band tools. Provide inline behavior for six network TAPs and protect the network from interrupted traffic flow when performing security tool maintenance or when a malfunction occurs.

  • Protect your network from tool disruption and remove a single point of failure.
  • Extend the life span of 10G and 40G tools with multiple failover functionality.
  • Maintain high network availability.

Heartbeat monitoring technology provides functionality for automatic tool failure. Six 40G / 100G Bypass TAP ports on a blade can be expanded to support 24 lower-speed, inline appliances in breakout mode.

The IntellaView Bypass TAP blade with its inside components visible
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The IntellaView EdgeSwitch.

New IntellaView EdgeSwitch

The IntellaView EdgeSwitch is a cost-efficient solution that any size organization can deploy for essential network visibility technology. Whether the need is to reduce cabling costs, improve traffic aggregation efficiency to security tools, or both, the EdgeSwitch scales to meet your business needs.

The EdgeSwitch is a high-density 1RU system with 32 ports of 40G / 100G Ethernet capability that IT teams can use as either a standalone or end-of-row solution to enable efficient traffic aggregation, load balancing, filtering, tunnel management, and port tagging.

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What's new with IntellaView

APCON has heavily invested in the advanced features and enhancements of our IntellaView visibility platform. Our IntellaView platform offers industry-leading port density, a flexible/scalable design, easy-to-use software management, and end-to-end visibility for today’s hybrid networks. While we continue to improve our robust system, here are some of the newest features and functionalities:

  • The new IntellaView 100G Bypass TAP blade is a fail-safe solution that bypasses traffic around security tools so networks remain operational and available.
  • The new IntellaView HyperEngine Packet Processor enables real-time packet processing of 100G network traffic to prevent tool oversubscription and supports up to 600Gbps total throughput through six packet processing service engines that can be run concurrently.
  • Users have access to complete tunnel management with the new GRE Tunnel Initiation.
  • IntellaView maximizes efficiency of security and operations tools with expanded Protocol Stripping.
  • Facilitate cross-group collaboration with Shared Ingress Ports.
  • Improve traffic distribution performance with additional Load Balance Group Hashing (LBGH) capabilities.
  • The GUI offers New Connections and Traffic Overview screens.
  • Upgraded security includes authentication and privacy with SNMPv3.
  • In the latest firmware release v1.08, IntellaView further simplifies switch management while expanding functionality with these enhancements:
    • Many-to-X Bypass Tap Connections allowing one set of tools to monitor multiple network segments
    • IntellaView Advanced Multi-Switch Package: Synchronize individual settings across all switches in a multi-switch family (up to five; license required)
    • Dynamic update of filter rules
    • New and modified alarms
    • LBG distribution that preserves the flows on failover
    • Switch Remote Diagnostics
    • VN-tag and GENEVE stripping
    • EdgeSwitch Tunnel management (license required)
    • 1.5RU Single-Slot Chassis now available to hold any APCON IntellaView blade or Bypass TAP


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