Protocol Header Stripping

Large data centers often carry a wide range of traffic types, including some traffic encapsulated for transport across the enterprise’s Ethernet network. However, some traffic analysis tools do not support all encapsulation types, or monitoring performance may be negatively affected when they do support broader types.

Protocol Stripping Diagram

Protocol Stripping to Accommodate Diverse Traffic Types

Protocols such as VLAN, VLAN Q-in-Q, FabricPath, MPLS, VXLAN, GPRS, and GTP are used in various network configurations to encapsulate the Ethernet data to help build highly scalable multipath networks. Such networks are particularly suitable for large virtualized deployments, private clouds, and high-performance computing environments. IntellaFlex Multi Function blades, IntellaStore, and now HyperEngine include advanced protocol stripping features to ensure diagnostic tools have complete network visibility and operate at maximum efficiency.

  • HyperEngine Packet Processor Blade

    Model Number: ACI-3033-E02-1

    • Performance up to 200 Gbps
    • 16 internal service points
    • Two 40G Ethernet ports
    • Deduplication, NetFlow generation, Tunnel termination and Pattern matching
    HyperEngine Packet Processor Blade
  • IntellaFlex Multi Function Blade

    Model Number: ACI-3032-E36-1

    • 36 ports 1G/10G Ethernet
    • Packet Deduplication, Protocol Stripping, Packet Slicing, Time Stamping
    • Timing Services: GPS, IRIG-B, PTP, PPS, NTP
    IntellaFlex Multi Function Blade
  • IntellaStore II Multi Function Data Monitoring with Capture and Analysis Tools

    Model Number: ACI-3033-S14-1

    • 12 ports 1G/10G and 2 ports 40G Ethernet
    • Multi Function blade features (1G/10G ports)
    • Integrated analysis tool server

    Additional IntellaStore II Information >

    IntellaStore II Multi Function Data Monitoring with Capture and Analysis Tools

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