Packet Slicing

By removing payload data from packets and leaving only the header information (packet slicing), the network monitoring switch can send more data across a given link to a monitoring tool. Utilizing packet slicing, the tool receives much more condensed network data for analysis, increasing efficiency and utilization.

One beneficial use of packet slicing is in regulatory compliance. Legislation such as HIPAA, PCI and others demand data confidentiality, and stripping sensitive payload data from packets before they go to monitoring tools ensures that this sensitive data is not stored outside secure boundaries.

IntellaView Chassis 5RU

Next-Generation Packet Processing With the IntellaView Platform

APCON's packet slicing can be performed either at ingress or egress. This creates flexibility in configuring your packet slicing solution. The ability to slice on either ingress or egress allows sharing of the packet payload with other tools by slicing at egress, or you can fully optimize your traffic through the switch by slicing on ingress.

Packet Slicing Diagram

The IntellaFlex Solution – Packet Slicing

Ten different IntellaFlex XR blades with the broadest range of advanced features including packet slicing give security teams and network engineers the power to deliver the right data to the right tools all the time.

See how packet slicing can improve the performance of your tools

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