Network Packet Filtering

APCON’s unique Network Packet Filtering provides pinpoint accuracy in delivering data to your network monitoring and network security tools. The all-new filter stack allows you to specify exactly which packets are to be delivered to each egress port on the aggregation switch. This technology means that oversubscribed ports and dropped packets are a thing of the past. Network Packet Filtering technology is included in IntellaFlex Chassis and Blades at no extra charge.

Monitor 10G and 40G Links with 1G Tools

Network Packet Filters can reduce 10G and 40G packet streams or aggregations of multiple inputs as they enter the network packet broker, separating out different types of packets for distribution to a selection of egress ports. With this technology, each tool receives every relevant packet. This extends the life of legacy 1G network performance monitoring tools and security tools to monitor high-speed 10G and 40G links.

Filtering at Full Line Rate

As each 10G, 40G, or aggregated data stream enters the monitoring switch, the stream is passed through a stack of filters. Each filter separates packets according to your specifications and routes only select packets to an egress port. Remaining packets are passed down the stack for further filtering and distribution. This work happens at full 10G or 40G line rate, eliminating oversubscription of egress ports and resulting in zero dropped packets and maximum network visibility.

Graphical Interface

In contrast to competing network packet brokers that enforce a primitive, text-based approach, APCON’s Network Packet Filtering is implemented through a convenient, fifth-generation graphical user interface (WebXR). This graphical interface allows you to easily create filter stacks using your existing filter library and visualize the processing and distribution of data to your network performance monitoring and network security tools.

Increase Efficiency – Save Money

By making your network performance monitoring system more efficient and extending the working life of legacy 1G monitoring tools, APCON Network Packet Filtering enables you to delay or eliminate planned tool purchases while delivering 100-percent network visibility. Increased efficiency in both staff time and tool usage saves budget and operational costs.

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