Network Data Deduplication

Complete visibility of data center networks requires viewing traffic at multiple monitoring points. While this increases overall visibility, duplicate traffic can overload network monitoring tools and effect reporting. Traffic deduplication improves monitoring tool efficiency, accuracy, and recording space requirements. This enables monitoring tools to provide greater visibility while lowering overall costs. 

Advanced Packet Processing: The IntellaView HyperEngine

Model Number: ACI-4033-E00-1

New Series 4000 HyperEngine Packet Processor
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Packet deduplication diagram

High-Speed Packet Processor Deduplication

The IntellaFlex XR HyperEngine packet processor blade provides dedicated packet processing for deduplication of multiple traffic streams up to 200 Gbps, and supports a large match window size up to 500ms. The XR HyperEngine packet processor blade deduplication is fully configurable, with point and click selection to include or ignore packet fields such as the packet time to live (TTL) or header checksum.

Port-Based Deduplication

Port-based deduplication is included in the IntellaView and IntellaFlex XR multi-function blades and the IntellaStore II+ Appliance. It is a selectable feature that provides a standard level of packet deduplication prior to sending data to the monitoring tools, and includes configurable duplicate match criteria. Port-based deduplication provides an integrated cost effective solution for standard monitoring deployments.

Deduplication Capable Blades Diagram

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