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Network Security Starts with Visibility

Protecting your company's networks has increasingly grown more complex. Now more than ever, companies need adaptable and scalable high-performance network visibility solutions. APCON's family of network monitoring solutions provide total visibility, improve security and performance, optimize monitoring tool efficiency and help to ensure regulatory compliance for any network environment.


APCON’s network monitoring and security solutions for enterprises provide superior packet aggregation technology for visibility at every layer of the network. Network managers can share an inventory of expensive monitoring devices while preventing oversubscription and data loss. Data from multiple sources is aggregated, filtered and directed to performance, application and security tools instantly, while a secure web-based user interface provides a centralized method of controlling network monitoring activity.


Enterprise Network Solution
Midsized Network Solution

Midsize Networks

APCON’s all-in-one network monitoring solution delivers the performance of an enterprise monitoring solution at a price point that works for midsize and remote network locations. The solution combines an integrated data monitoring switch with on-demand traffic capture, onboard storage, packet analyzer and a dedicated application processor with pre-loaded tools.


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