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With substantial growth through the years, service providers are experiencing a whirlwind of change in network technology. The unprecedented volume of data running through data centers is causing network caution. To beat their competitors to market with new services and deliver a superior subscriber experience, service providers need a robust network that delivers enhanced security, visibility and compliance. APCON's total visibility solutions deliver.

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It's important to realize that the services your smartphone relies on are a much more attractive target to attackers.

Alex McGeorge, Immunity, Inc.

A New Approach to Your Network Monitoring Strategy

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A successful cyber attack to a service provider could disrupt service for thousands of phone and Internet customers, which could potentially cripple business or shut down operations. In order to prevent a security breach, IT teams need a solution that delivers real-time insights without compromising network performance.

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Service providers are starting to boost network capacity and introduce new services, devices and applications in order to keep up with demands. But with new technology comes an increase in network traffic. Service providers require end-to-end network visibility and need to deploy monitoring solutions that capture, view and analyze data.

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Service providers are under scrutiny to meet regulations in order to maximize the reliability of their equipment. These IT teams need a unique solution that meets the requirements the industry demands and fulfills design considerations.

How It All Works Together

On-demand video, gaming, smartphones and a number of other technology advancements have impacted the way service providers conduct business. As service providers are transforming to a more digital business environment, network operators are looking for ways to update their network landscape while minimizing costs. A new generation of network monitoring systems is required to address the industry’s needs. Below is how APCON’s intelligent network aggregation, deduplication and filtering solutions can help transform your network monitoring architecture.

  • Scalable Architecture

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    Service providers are evolving and so are their data centers. These companies are experiencing network growth and need innovative solutions that evolve with them. APCON’s scalable family of network monitoring solutions allows service providers to easily add additional capacity to meet growth requirements without substantial upgrades.

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  • Virtualization

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    IT pros need to know what traffic is flowing through every part of their network, including their virtual environment. With APCON’s unified physical and virtual monitoring solution, service providers now have complete network visibility using existing monitoring tools, staff and diagnostic processes.

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  • Fail-Safe Reliability

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    Service provider networks are in use 24/7, which is why their data centers must operate seamlessly. These companies need a robust and reliable network that guarantees continuous operation. With APCON’s bypass solution, IT teams can keep their network operational even when security tools fail.

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  • High Availability

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    APCON’s solutions are designed for service provider networks that demand high availability and system compatibility. Standard integrated hardware features and modular switch design ensure no data is lost in the event of component failure.

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  • Advanced Features

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    Service providers need to manipulate their data streams in order to keep critical data secure. With APCON’s advanced features such as deduplication, packet slicing and protocol stripping, you will ensure efficiency and accuracy of your monitoring tools while securing confidential information.

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  • Easy Management

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    In order to optimize time and resources, service providers need to be able to replace manual data center collection and reporting with automated monitoring. With APCON’s award-winning graphical user interface, IT pros now have a centralized location to build, save, view and recall device connections.

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As connectivity spreads into every corner of our lives and businesses, it becomes more and more challenging to maintain a clear view of entry points and data flow.

Michelle Drolet, founder of Towerwall

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