What is network visibility?

Network Visibility

Get the Confidence of Complete Network Visibility

What is network visibility? Enterprise network visibility and monitoring intelligence solutions are the foundation for continuous monitoring, security and awareness of what is happening in data centers and in the cloud. Complete network visibility is critical to making proactive decisions and getting to resolutions as quickly as possible.

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Gain visibility into on-premises and cloud networks to optimize performance and security

How do you achieve network visibility?

IT and security teams use network or application performance or security analytics tools to gain network insights. These devices rely on having access to network traffic. Here is how it can be done:

APCON Network Visibility and Security Solutions

  • Scalable Visibility

    Network visibility and monitoring

    APCON's aggregation and filtering solutions collect and send data to monitoring, performance and security tools for faster insights.

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  • Security Platform

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    APCON's all-in-one solution combines network visibility technology and third party solutions on one platform to help troubleshoot performance issues and prevent security threats.

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  • Aggregation / Lab

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    APCON's legacy aggregation and filtering solutions support performance monitoring and applications on networks with lower data rates.

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  • Whitebox Solutions

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    APCON's economical whitebox solution collects traffic using SPANs from top-of-rack switches or remote sites and sends traffic to APCON's advanced network visibility solutions.

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