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Network Security

The Foundation of a Secure Network

Today, a security breach can result in costly downtime, lost business, lawsuits and a tarnished reputation. If there are blind spots on your network you are vulnerable. Enhance your network visibility and you will enhance network security at the same time. This is where network monitoring can help.

Solving Your Security Concerns

  • Real-time activity data is indispensable for proactive prevention, troubleshooting and resolving problems impacting your networks security and performance. APCON’s data aggregation and filtering solutions provide packet level network visibility.

  • Historical data is critical for network investigations to identify issues and trends that escape firewalls and virus scans.

  • When an inline security tool fails or needs to be taken off-line for maintenance, your network needs continuous operation.

  • Enterprise-Class Security:  TitanXR delivers remote enterprise management of the entire monitoring infrastructure from a single screen. View the entire network on a map, including system status and summary of any events.

  • APCON was recognized as a  20 Most Promising RSA Security Solution Provider for 2016 as published in CIOReview.

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