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Optimize your network performance monitoring

Network traffic, speeds and capacity grow every year and network analysis tools will proliferate, leading to more network monitoring points and filtering requirements. A scalable network monitoring strategy can help resolve network issues faster, optimize tool efficiency and lower monitoring costs.

With APCON solutions you can: See it. Solve it. Secure it.

Series 4000 5RU Chassis


APCON’s Series 4000 aggregation and filtering solutions come with intelligent monitoring features, such as deduplicationpacket slicing and time stamping, features that help with the difficult task of parsing the massive flow of packets and forwarding traffic of interest to the right tool for analysis – all at line rate and without losing critical data.


APCON’s scalable network monitoring solutions means easily adding capacity through a complete family of interchangeable systems, blades and ports designed for growth. APCON’s solutions have the ability to grow from 10G, to 40G to 100G, minimizing the amount of rework and re-architecture you’ll need for future applications.

Series 4000
TitanXR Management user interface


TitanXR centralized management provides single screen management in multi-site monitoring environments. Easily manage systems, view dashboards, get alarms and event notifications, as well as see tool utilization of any point in your monitoring network. The APCON Mobile app software for android tablets and smartphones complements TitanXR by providing real time status of the APCON monitoring network remotely. This helps reduce time-to-resolution.

Monitoring With APCON

  • APCON Advantage

    APCON intelligent network monitoring switches and taps increase your monitoring efficiency, reduce your costs, and simplify your network monitoring efforts.

  • Reliable Tapping

    APCON provides enterprise-grade high density passive taps for network monitoring. Taps offer an unedited view of all packets traversing the network link, while SPAN or Mirror ports often drop malformed or retransmitted packets.

  • Network Monitoring

    APCON IntellaFlex XR and IntellaStore II provide your data center with a competitive advantage through the ability to capture and store traffic-of-interest to scalable storage for analysis

  • Management Alerts

    Recognizing the 24/7 responsibility of network monitoring, we extended visibility to mobile devices with the APCON Mobile App. This android tablet/smartphone app provides real‐time status of the APCON monitoring network and a complete global view of the network at all times.

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