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When Midsize Networks Need Big-Time Security

Network and security professionals need to be confident in their ability to see everything on the network. APCON has designed a midsize and branch office monitoring solution that is cost-effective and easy to install and manage.

Establishing a Strategy

Large enterprises deploy extensive visibility infrastructures with TAPs, traffic monitoring switches and analysis tools so they can proactively manage their network traffic. What is the right architecture for midsize organizations and branch offices?

Midsize IT teams experiencing network growth as well as handling BYOD, mobility and cloud computing should consider monitoring network packets to manage applications, network performance and security. With small teams and limited resources, it may seem impossible but if network visibility and inefficiencies are unaddressed, network vulnerabilities will increase.

Midsized Network Solution

Introducing the IntellaStore II+ Security Visibility Platform

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Enterprise-Grade Features

The same industry-leading technology of our big switches are in this compact boxfiltering, deduplication, load balancing, any-to-any packet control.

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Easy Control

Our intuitive GUI, the WebXR software, helps with quick set up and management of features. Manage multi-switch monitoring from one screen with the addition of Titan.

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On-board Software

Some security and performance software is included and solutions can be customized with any APCON Certified Compatible software from leading developers such as AccedianExtraHopRiverbed, Tenable and more.

IntellaStore II+ with ACI-3036-XR Chassis (front)

IntellaStore II+

APCON’s solution for midsize data centers and remote locations, allows IT operations to monitor data center networks and analyze traffic and application performance all within a single solution – enabling full visibility of network traffic and pinpointing performance and security issues.

IntellaStore II+ offers aggregation and filtering, traffic capture and storage and is preloaded with packet analyzer (Wireshark), network performance (nTop), and security/performance (NetFort) applications. To help integration, APCON has an extensive list of certified security, forensics, analytics and performance applications.

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