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Rethinking Security Monitoring for Healthcare

The medical and pharmaceutical industries are responsible for keeping us healthy and enhancing the patient experience. But healthcare IT teams are under siege due to increases in cyber threats, "The Internet of Medical Devices," mergers and acquisitions, proliferating electronic health records, and industry regulations. To face these complex network challenges, APCON provides the industry’s most dependable visibility, security, and performance monitoring solutions.

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APCON's network solution gave us the visibility our network demanded. They are now our go-to network monitoring provider.

Large non-profit healthcare client

Health Insurance Provider Eliminates Security Blind Spots

This leading health insurance provider serves over 30 million people in the United States and employs about 50,000 employees. The provider has multiple teams, including network operations and security operation teams, who were all looking for more robust network monitoring solutions to overcome network challenges. Previously, the health insurance provider used a competitor's monitoring equipment that couldn’t address the latest network visibility requirements. Download our case study to understand how APCON's solutions helped the insurance provider upgrade their networking monitoring and security infrastructure to better safeguard their medical records and sensitive personal information.

Series 4000 and IntellaFlex XR healthcare solution diagram.
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The Right Prescription for Your Network

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With the growing influx of data running through healthcare networks, more breaches will occur. IT teams need the ability to immediately detect, characterize, and mitigate attacks while spotting network or application performance issues in real time.

What is network visibility?


Hospitals and health system networks are growing as a result of mergers, acquisitions, and changing regulatory requirements. This epic growth is causing IT teams to lose visibility of the traffic flowing through their datacenters.

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Protecting confidential medical records from data leakage, malware, and spyware is critical for healthcare organizations. Networks need advanced monitoring features that can remove or mask sensitive information to avoid the risk of penalties from failure to comply with regulations.

Ensure Continued Data Protection

We helped a leading Healthcare IT organization upgrade its network visibility and security to protect data. For details, download our case study.

How It All Works Together

APCON is committed to meeting the high standards that healthcare networks require. With our network monitoring solutions, hospitals and healthcare systems feel confident their network security and monitoring tools receive the right traffic. Pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies, now more vital than ever, require the industry’s best compliance monitoring solutions as they are now managing exponentially increasing amounts of data and regulation.

Healthcare organizations should have basic and advanced security controls in place… such that if one control fails, another control will take its place. A robust incident response plan is necessary for cybersecurity in healthcare.

"Cybersecurity in Healthcare," HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society)

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