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Federal, state and local government agencies are responsible for better serving their constituents. But with an industry where a single network vulnerability is all an attacker needs to steal critical data – collecting, storing, protecting and distributing citizens’ private information has never been more challenging. APCON has solutions for world-class government network visibility.

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U.S. federal, state and local government agencies rank in last place in cyber security when compared against 17 major private industries.

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2016 U.S. Government Cybersecurity Report

Network Monitoring and Security Solutions You Can Rely On

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No government agency is safe from cyber attacks. A breach could take decades to fix due to the personally identifiable information such as fingerprint data and background investigation information held within the network. Agencies’ networks require the ability to detect and mitigate attacks the second they occur.

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U.S. government agencies are consolidating data centers to save space and use fewer resources. Although this has saved millions of dollars, these consolidations are causing data loss and government network visibility issues due to different network architectures. To capture, view and analyze data, a network monitoring solution must be deployed.

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To meet citizens’ expectations and to keep up with the digital IT ecosystem, agencies are looking for ways to improve transparency and engagement all while complying with rules and regulations. With advanced monitoring features, agencies can customize their data centers so they meet compliance requirements and constituents’ demands.

How It All Works Together

Today government agencies are more vulnerable than ever before. When deploying network monitoring solutions, these agencies need to feel confident their solutions deliver the right network insights while protecting and securing information. Take a look below to read how APCON’s network monitoring and security solutions deliver the right network traffic to the appropriate tools while providing real-time insights.

  • Scalable Architecture

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    APCON offers the only scalable family of network monitoring solutions for government agencies’ core and remote data centers. As these networks consolidate or grow, IT pros can easily add additional capacity to meet growth requirements without forklift upgrades. 

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  • Virtualization

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    Since government agencies are trying to reduce the cost of data center hardware, software and operations, many organizations are using a combination of virtual and physical environments. APCON’s unified physical and virtual monitoring solution provides complete network visibility using existing monitoring tools, staff and diagnostic processes. 

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  • Easy Management

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    Government agencies are under pressure to replace manual collection and reporting with automated monitoring. With APCON’s award-winning graphical user interface, IT pros now have a centralized location to build, save, view and recall device connections. 

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  • High Availability

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    APCON’s solutions are designed for government networks that demand high availability and system compatibility. Standard integrated hardware features and modular switch design ensure no data is lost in the event of component failure. 

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  • Fail-Safe Reliability

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    Citizens rely on government agencies to be effective 24/7. Agencies’ networks must stay operational even when security tools fail. With APCON’s bypass solution, you will no longer have a single point of failure on your network. 

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  • Advanced Features

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    APCON’s advanced features such as deduplication, pattern matching, packet slicing and protocol stripping ensure monitoring tools efficiency, accuracy and keeps government employees and constituents information secure. 

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