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Intelligent Network Monitoring Architecture

Network engineers require full network visibility in order to monitor for issues around data security, network speed and application performance that may impact the business. In the standard network monitoring paradigm, each monitoring point in the network is associated with a specific traffic analysis tool. In many cases, there is no specifically assigned tool and a portable analyzer is moved between monitoring ports for temporary use. APCON provides a better visibility solution.

Intelligent Network Visibility

Achieving complete network visibility requires directing the right data to the right analysis tool. Advanced network visibility solutions provide packet aggregation and filtering as well as many other features such as packet slicing and de-duplication, data rate conversion and load balancing.

Enterprise Network Solution

IntellaView: Designed and Built for Enterprise Networks

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Packet Aggregation

Merge multiple data streams from SPANs and TAPs, creating a single unified data stream that can be routed to a monitoring tool.

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Time Stamping

Precisely measure network latency on a packet-by-packet basis.

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Packet De-duplication

Clean up aggregated data streams and reduce the volume of data delivered to a given monitoring tool.

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Load Balancing

Monitor 10G links with less expensive 1G tools. Filter out irrelevant packets, change the data rate, and divide a high-bandwidth data stream among several similar tools.

IntellaView 9RU, 5RU, and 3RU

APCON IntellaView

The IntellaView Platform provides a fully meshed network greatly increasing port density and bandwidth over previous-generation technologies. Customers require a visibility infrastructure that can keep up with the additional bandwidth needed for video streaming, electronic commerce, social networking, and other advanced applications.

The IntellaView Platform delivers higher port densities optimizing IT efficiencies, maximizing ROI and existing network infrastructure. APCON’s IntellaView also delivers instant data access and virtual/cloud monitoring integration for visibility to secure critical workloads.

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