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Aerospace, Aviation, and Shipping

Aerospace and logistics engineers demand complete confidence in the networks that power their projects, especially regarding security, speed, and application performance. It requires total traffic visibility to minimize any negative impact on research, development, and business processes. In the standard network monitoring paradigm, each network monitoring point is associated with a specific traffic analysis tool. There is often no singularly designated tool for this traffic, requiring a portable analyzer to be placed between monitoring ports for temporary use. APCON provides better visibility solutions for the vast networks driving next-gen aeronautical, territorial/global shipping, and transportation enterprises.

These respected corporations trust APCON:

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Aerospace manufacturer gains network visibility and reduces monitoring budget by nearly 50 percent

A commercial and military aircraft manufacturer needed to increase network visibility into traffic flowing into its global datacenters and security tools. The company required full visibility to monitor, identify, and resolve attempted breaches and maximize tool performance and investment. The company chose APCON’s customer-focused approach and scalable, easy-to-use compatible equipment to achieve impressive results:

  • 100 percent real-time visibility to its existing monitoring tool inventory
  • 50 percent reduction in monitoring budget
  • Remote monitoring
  • Improved time for problem resolution

Read how the company’s network monitoring architecture enables it to identify issues quicker while reducing IT costs with APCON’s visibility solutions.


A New Approach to Your Network Monitoring Strategy

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A successful attack on an enterprise network could expose research and trade secrets and disrupt your routing systems, surveillance, or assembly lines — any of which could potentially cripple progress or shut down operations. To prevent a security breach, IT teams need a solution that delivers real-time insights without compromising network performance.

What is network visibility?


AI, IoT, remote work, and cloud computing have increased efficiency and productivity. But with new technologies come massive increases in the amount and complexity of traffic in your datacenter and cloud networks, increasing risk. Performance and security you can trust require end-to-end network visibility and monitoring solutions that capture, view, and analyze all of your data, anywhere it lives.

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Your network is your business, which is why you invest in talented engineers to build and protect it. These IT teams need a unique solution that meets the requirements the industry demands and fulfills design considerations.

We Understand the Unique Challenges for Your Industry

Economic globalization and an increased reliance on worldwide virtual collaboration have allowed engineering, manufacturing, and shipping organizations to work more efficiently across greater distances and broader supply chains. Technological breakthroughs like AI, advanced robotics, IoT devices, and cloud computing have led to increased volume and frequency of data traversing enterprise networks. Accurate and comprehensive network visibility is no longer optional for enterprises of this size and scope — and no one provides better visibility than APCON. Our IntellaView network visibility platform provides unequaled visibility of your entire hybrid network fabric.

  • Scalable Architecture

    Network visibility and monitoring

    To thrive in today’s digital business, large companies' IT infrastructures must become more efficient and agile to meet growing demands. APCON offers a secure, scalable family of network monitoring solutions that enable companies to easily connect or consolidate data center ecosystems.

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  • Virtualization

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    Networks are complex, costly and cumbersome, which is why engineering and shipping companies are investing heavily in cloud and virtual solutions. With APCON’s unified physical and virtual monitoring solution, energy companies now have complete network visibility using existing monitoring tools, staff and diagnostic processes.

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  • Fail-Safe Reliability

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    IT pros in the aerospace and transport sectors must maintain uptime, security and create efficiency in their data centers. Physical connection problems are a key cause of network outages. With APCON’s bypass solution, energy IT pros will know immediately when and where a network connection failed, all while keeping their network operational.

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  • High Availability

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    APCON’s solutions are designed for massive networks that demand high availability and system compatibility. Standard integrated hardware features and modular switch design ensure no data is lost in the event of component failure.

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  • Advanced Features

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    Data privacy and intellectual property protection are a priority for any innovative company. APCON’s advanced features such as deduplication, packet slicing and protocol stripping ensure monitoring tools efficiency and accuracy while securing confidential information.

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  • Easy Management

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    In order to optimize time and resources, global companies need to be able to replace manual data center collection and reporting with automated monitoring. With APCON’s award-winning graphical user interface, IT pros now have a centralized location to build, save, view and recall device connections.

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Industrial Security at Scale

To thrive in today’s digital business, aviation and transportation companies’ IT infrastructures must become more efficient and agile to meet growing demands. APCON offers a secure, scalable family of network monitoring solutions that enables companies to easily connect or consolidate even the most complex cloud and datacenter network ecosystems.

APCON IntellaView Platform

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