Expanding Complexity Demands Innovative Solutions

Financial solutions  

Banks are where the money is, and with mobile banking and remote services being used more often, attack surfaces are expanding. Not to mention the endless volumes of data flowing in and out of banks’ networks.

IT and security professionals working in the finance industry are fighting network battles on many fronts, while trying to retain customer loyalty and trust. As the industry tries to maintain an overwhelming volume of data and complexity of attacks, IT and security professionals are looking for innovative ways to increase network monitoring with security, visibility and compliance.


Gone are the days when building a perimeter around your network is enough to keep cyber threats out. The finance industry has seen an increase year after year in attacks. IT pros constantly need to evolve their security infrastructure to detect, characterize and mitigate attacks.


Financial institutions are expanding their enterprise infrastructures with mergers and acquisitions, ATMs, cloud services and branch offices. Although the regulations such as “Too Big to Fail” have encouraged M&A and expansion, this growth causes data center chaos and confusion impacting network visibility and resulting in data loss.


The ever-changing digital landscape is driving an increase in regulations within the finance industry. With compliance protocols in place, institutions are looking for ways to reduce infrastructure costs while enhancing risk management and compliance practices. Financial institutions need to be able to customize their data centers to meet requirements.

“The U.S. financial institution’s cybersecurity market is the largest and fastest growing in the private sector, predicted to grow to $68 billion by 2020.”

– Homeland Security Research’s “ U.S. Financial Services: Cybersecurity & Services Market” report

Transforming Network Monitoring for Financial Services

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APCON understands the unique needs of the finance industry, including high- frequency trading and high-speed trading infrastructure support as well as financial compliance for banking security. That’s why APCON is committed to meeting the demands financial networks require with our security and monitoring solutions.

Scalable Architecture

Financial institutions need the most up-to-date network architecture, but with legacy IT systems, it sometimes costs thousands or millions of dollars to replace or upgrade. APCON’s IntellaFlex solutions are designed to scale with your network demands, while adding capacity to meet your requirements without extensive upgrades. 

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Advanced Features

APCON’s traffic intelligence features enable manipulation of the data stream to maximize tool investments. With features like pattern matching/masking, deduplication, time stamping, packet slicing and protocol stripping, financial companies can work smarter and more efficiently. 

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High Availability

APCON’s IntellaFlex solutions are designed for financial institutions that demand high availability and system compatibility. Standard hardware features include redundant and hot-swappable controllers, power supplies and fans meaning you never miss any data when parts fail. 

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Fail-Safe Reliability

Network downtime results in loss of revenue. Financial institutions can’t afford their network to drop traffic or fail. With APCON’s bypass solution, you will no longer have a single point of failure with security tools. Even if the network experiences a service outage, APCON’s solution will continue traffic flow while you diagnose the performance issue. 

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Financial institutions are turning to cloud and virtual environments to decrease operating expenses and simplify IT infrastructures. APCON’s unified virtual and physical monitoring solution provides complete network visibility using the existing monitoring tool farm, staff and diagnostic processes, saving operating costs and time. 

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Easy Management

Financial institutions are evolving towards a centralized model to support technology advances. APCON’s award-winning graphical user interface provides a centralized location to build, save, view and recall device connections. 

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