Simplified Network Monitoring and Port Management

Intuitive GUI for Fast Set-Up and Easy Management

WebXR is a web-based graphical interface for the IntellaFlex XR platform to build, save, view and recall device connections between SPANs/TAPs and monitoring tools using intuitive, Visio-like diagrams. WebXR is APCON’s baseline, single-switch management system. For more robust capabilities built for growing datacenters, check out IntellaView (to manage up to five switches) or Titan (six or more switches).

WebXR Drag and Drop User Interface

Drag-and-Drop Simplicity

Features include a Global View screen that offers convenient, drag-and-drop functionality for monitoring switch ports, managing connections, and organizing diagrams, as well as an enhanced status screen that displays more detail about system health.

Connection Diagrams

There are several types of views to display connections and features. In the port view, the connected port displays connection status and indicates the connected ports with color-coded highlights. The summary view is a list of connected ports showing sources and destinations, as well as other programmed features like filters.

WebXR Connection Diagram User Interface
WebXR Command Line Interface

CLI & SNMP Command Line Control

IT professionals can use Command Line Interfaces (CLI) to automate and script common tasks when using APCON systems. SNMP allows the switches to be seamlessly integrated into existing network and element management platforms.

Download latest version (6.05) >>
  • Ports View

    • Easily connect and configure connections
    • Color-coded connection display
    • Physical view of actual connections and blades
    WebXR Drag and Drop User Interface
  • Port Properties Dialog Box

    • Easier provisioning
    • Click across ports or blades within the dialog
    WebXR Port Properties Dialog Box
  • Blade/Port Status Dialog Box

    • Provision Port / Blade Chassis configurations
    WebXR Blade/Port Status Dialog Box
  • Port Statistics Dialog Box

    • View rates, throughputs, and counters
    • Bandwidth usage for each connection
    • What filters are currently applied
    • Additional information: user, job ticket, message
    WebXR Port Statistic Dialog Box
  • Test Bed Equipment Sharing

    • Share equipment across multiple test labs
    • Eliminate redundant equipment dedicated to each test bed
    • Increase utilization by scheduling and sharing devices
    • Reduce equipment costs
    WebXR Test Bed Equipment User Interface
  • Data Replication

    • Mirror data to multiple networks
    • Share monitoring points
    • Eliminate SPAN port contention
    • Reduce the number of tools required
    • Evaluate tools without interrupting operations
    WebXR Data Replication User Interface

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