Magnified Visibility For Virtual Environments

What threats are lurking in your virtual network?

IntellaTap-VM is an advanced feature within APCON’s Titan software application that provides virtualization network monitoring and virtual network visibility with easy-to-use, point-and-click filtering of East-West virtual machine (VM) traffic flows.

Why IntellaTap-VM for Virtual Networks?

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Simple, Efficient User Interface

With just a few clicks, IntellaTap-VM agents rapidly gain visibility for monitoring a virtual network.

Network visibility and monitoring

Scalable to Grow With Your Network

Whether you have 10 VMs or hundreds, we’ve got you covered.

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Unified Virtual & Physical Network Visibility

IntellaTap-VM is the virtual network monitoring arm of Titan's multi-switch management software. Together they deliver an unparalleled global view of all your network environments.

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Hassle-free Automated Deployment

Capable of handling migration of VMs and being able to tap the virtual network traffic as your environment changes.

IntellaTap-VM Management Diagram

Network Monitoring for Virtual Environments

IntellaTap-VM is designed for private cloud virtualization environments. It operates as part of a larger solution that includes APCON's physical, on-premises network visibility switches for monitoring physical networks. It is an advanced feature within APCON's Titan multi-switch management software that, in addition to managing multiple APCON visibility switches, also provides virtual network visibility with easy-to-use, point-and-click operation of filtering East-West virtual machine traffic flows.

IntellaTap-VM has a sophisticated set of layer 3 and 4 filters that sort through incoming packets and retain only those which are absolutely necessary. It takes the optimized packets and delivers them to network monitoring, analytics, and security tools for real-time monitoring and analysis, enabling security threat detection, investigation, and response.

IntellaTap-VM User Interface
TitanXR Management user interface


Titan centralized management provides single-screen management in multi-site monitoring environments. Easily manage systems, view dashboards, get alarms and event notifications, and review tool utilization anywhere across your monitoring network. This helps reduce time-to-resolution.

Flexibility for Dynamic Networks

VMs may be instantiated or relocated to different physical hosts. With VMs events support, organizations can maintain visibility over this ever-changing virtual infrastructure. The APCON solution offers organizations the ability to send mirrored, filtered, and aggregated VM traffic to your monitoring and security tools — optimizing them and lengthening the life span of your original security spend.

  • Eliminate intra-VM blind spots

  • Apply filtering and packet slicing

  • Maintain visibility of VMs migrations

  • Use existing security & performance tools

  • Easy-to-use centralized management

  • Integrated virtual and physical visibility

Trial and Purchase
Includes IntellaTap-VM and Titan

IntellaTap-VM UI


The IntellaTap-VM agent is a virtual machine (VM) that filters, encapsulates, and forwards virtual traffic to your security monitoring tools.

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Titan is APCON’s easy-to-use centralized management application that provides administration for the IntellaTap-VM visibility solution.

Learn more about APCON's IntellaTap-VM's advanced virtual network monitoring

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