Eliminate security risks with superior AWS cloud network monitoring

 Security of Cloud Applications and Data on AWS is a
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Do you have complete visibility into your cloud network data? APCON’s IntellaCloud for AWS monitoring is a cloud-native visibility solution that captures, optimizes, and delivers cloud traffic to anywhere within a hybrid visibility fabric, significantly increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your existing security, analytics and performance-monitoring tools, be they SaaS or on-prem.

 Get the Right Traffic to the Right Tools

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Eliminate Cloud Blind Spots

Capture and monitor network traffic within your ever-expanding public cloud infrastructure.

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Deep Visibility that Scales

Dynamic monitoring enables the application to auto-scale and maintain visibility over cloud resources.

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Connect Anywhere for Hybrid Security

Deliver optimized cloud traffic anywhere within your hybrid network: on premises, private cloud, or public cloud.

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Optimize Security & Performance

IntellaCloud's easy-to-use interface automatically discovers your cloud resources taking the guess work out of security monitoring.

Zero Visibility,
Zero Protection

Eliminate security risks with superior AWS cloud network visibility

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How many instances can we monitor using IntellaCloud?

A. APCON engineers have tested IntellaCloud on thousands of instances. We’ve designed the GUI for scalability. Our virtual controller and the monitoring infrastructure scale up as your environment grows. Our extensive testing shows you can monitor thousands of instances.

Question 2: How can I know how much traffic is going to my tool in the cloud and can I limit the amount of traffic for a given tool?

A. The current IntellaCloud release has a screen that shows how much traffic goes to each tool. The upcoming IntellaCloud release includes a threshold where you can specify how much traffic you want certain tools to receive. If traffic to the tool exceeds the specified threshold, you will receive an alarm via email or SMS.

To read more IntellaCloud frequently asked questions, including the kinds of containers you can monitor with IntellaCloud, read our blog post: IntellaCloud FAQs: Public Cloud Network Visibility.

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AWS Diagram


How IntellaCloud Works

IntellaCloud captures packet-level network traffic from instances you want to monitor and can be configured for elastic monitoring using subnet or instance tagging.

With IntellaCloud, you can enable filtering and packet slicing. Traffic is then sent to the virtual controller for the initiation of tunneling technology, allowing you to send traffic of interest to your security and performance monitoring applications, either on-premises or within the cloud.

  •  Visualize Your Cloud Monitoring

    The IntellaCloud dashboard allows you to easily see your current visibility across all instances, how your environment has scaled over time and which monitoring connections are most active.

    IntellaCloud Dashboard User Interface
  • Explore Your Environment

    The Topology Screen allows you to quickly understand your entire environment. You can easily select VPCs and Subnets to see what instances are there and which ones are being monitored.

    IntellaCloud Topology User Interface
  •  Enable Elastic Monitoring

    Quickly select all instances by subnet or tag and enable elastic monitoring for automated visibility that scales up and down as needs arise.

    IntellaCloud Dynamic User Interface

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