Next-Generation Hybrid Visibility Platform
APCON's Series 4000

Secure Your Hybrid Data Center
with State-of-the-Art Visibility Technology

APCON's Series 4000 next-generation hybrid visibility platform accommodates an ever growing number of users, data, and applications. The platform delivers high performance and density, scalability, and access to hybrid networks spanning cloud, virtualized, and on-premise infrastructures.

Get industry-leading performance with Hybrid Scale

Future-ready for hybrid networks

Get visibility for 5G mobile networks, IoT devices, video streaming, and data-intensive apps.

High density design that scales

Get scale and investment protection with 1/10/25/40/100G high density ports.

Up to four times lower TCO

Higher full featured multi-speed port count gives you more visibility in a smaller form factor.

Maximize security intelligence

Get the right traffic to your security & network monitoring tools with advanced features including deduplication, packet-slicing, and protocol header stripping.

Series 4000 Next Generation Blades and Chassis

Series 4000 Chassis

The APCON Series 4000 Chassis are the next generation of network visibility appliances. Each can be configured with up to six next generation fabric cards providing full mesh connectivity with the blades.

Series 4000 Blades

The APCON Series 4000 blades’ aggregation and filtering technology make it easy to monitor high-speed networks. With the broadest range of advanced features network engineers are confident the right traffic is delivered to the right tools all the time.


IntellaView™ Management Interface for APCON Series 4000

The IntellaView management interface delivers an intuitive user experience for managing your hybrid network visibility infrastructure from a single screen.

View the entire network, including system status and summary of any events. The best-in-class, easy-to-use IntellaView Graphical User Interface (GUI) saves IT resources by notifying designated users of alert conditions, analyze network traffic using RMON statistics, schedule and implement firmware updates in batch mode, and managing user accounts.


APCON Hybrid Visibility Solutions for data intensive, high speed, high capacity networks

With the proliferation of data intensive applications for 5G mobile networks, IoT devices, video streaming and big data, network traffic speeds and capacity grow at an unprecedented rate, creating significant challenges for network monitoring and security.

APCON’s Series 4000 provides data access and virtual monitoring integration of high-speed data networks running in private cloud, public cloud and on-premise infrastructures.

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