NetFlow Generation

NetFlow is often generated by routers and switches at key locations across the network. However, there are disadvantages to this approach including the performance impact on key production network routers/switches, the use of network bandwidth to transmit NetFlow records, and added complexity of collecting records from many sources across the network. Luckily, we have a better solution. 


The HyperEngine

The HyperEngine packet processor blade, processing up to 200Gbps of traffic per blade, can be a primary NetFlow source for large networks, offloading the production router network. The modular system can scale to process terabytes of traffic for NetFlow, aggregating traffic from any 1G/10G/40G/100G Ethernet ports in the system. Connect any system traffic up to the 16 service points for NetFlow source processing of unsampled or sampled traffic flow records, and each can be forwarded to up to 16 NetFlow collectors.

Series 4000

Series 4000 monitors network traffic and is an ideal source of NetFlow records for monitoring NetFlow traffic statistics.  Offload processing from routers and other production equipment to increase efficiency and save costs; plus consolidating NetFlow sources reduces network traffic and simplifies the monitoring architecture.

Series 4000

HyperEngine Packet Processor Blade

Packet Processor Blade

Model Number: ACI-3033-E02-1

  • Performance up to 200Gbps
  • 16 internal service ports
  • Two 40G Ethernet ports
  • NetFlow, packet deduplication and GRE endpoint
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