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Enterprise-Grade Visibility at The Network Edge

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New EdgeSwitch reduces the cost and complexity of network cabling and traffic aggregation

APCON’s IntellaView EdgeSwitch is an affordable, scalable solution that enables data centers, campuses, and branch offices to aggregate, filter, and send traffic to security tools.

The EdgeSwitch is a high-density 1RU system with 32 ports of 10G, 25G, 40G, and 100G Ethernet capability. Technology teams can use it in a standalone or top-of-rack environment to enable efficient traffic aggregation, filtering, load balancing, and port tagging.

"There's an urgent need to improve traffic monitoring and visibility without adding cost and complexity," said Richard Rauch, President and CEO of APCON. "The IntellaView EdgeSwitch is a budget-friendly solution IT teams can deploy to simplify traffic flow management of today’s overwhelming amount of data."

Reduce cabling costs and complexity for distributed network architectures.

The IntellaView EdgeSwitch is an ideal solution to lower the cable management and cost of complex network architectures. IT teams that run distributed data centers can use the EdgeSwitch at the top of a rack for end-of-row traffic aggregation to larger switches; this reduces the resources needed to run cables across a large data center floor and improves the efficiency of sending traffic to security tools.

Improve network monitoring and security for remote sites and campuses.

Branch offices and small businesses need enterprise-grade network visibility without purchasing an expensive product; they have the same concerns large organizations have about getting traffic to the right tools and need a higher level of aggregation to address increased traffic. The IntellaView EdgeSwitch is perfect for organizations looking for a cost-effective standalone solution to monitor where traffic is coming from and optimize the flow to security tools.



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