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40G Visibility for Next-Generation Data Centers

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The 20-port 40G blade optimizes data on 40G links for increased network visibility to security and performance tools and applications

APCON, a leading provider of intelligent network monitoring and security solutions, announced the expansion of its IntellaFlex network visibility family with the industry-leading high-density 40G blade, offering 20 ports of 40G Ethernet connectivity for aggregation, load balancing and any-to-any multicast connections to security and network analysis tools.

“Growing security threats and network bandwidth demands are inevitable with the significant increase in data from mobile devices, the Internet of Things and distributed work places,” said Richard Rauch, president and CEO of APCON. “Companies need network visibility to identify and protect against security breaches and achieve compliance. This latest addition to our network visibility family provides a path for our customers to scale their monitoring architectures while maximizing their existing security tool investments.”

Enterprises are moving to 40G connectivity speeds to meet the growing high-speed demands of next-generation data centers. The IntellaFlex high-density 40G blade maximizes existing tool efficiency by enabling the aggregation of 40G links from SPANs and TAPs throughout the network. This new blade load balances the data, which can then be sent to other APCON blades for further processing, ensuring only critical data gets to monitoring tools such as Intrusion Detection Systems and other security tools.   

The IntellaFlex high-density 40G blade is a part of APCON’s premier network visibility family offering 1RU to 14RU chassis and specialty blades with advanced features such as deduplication, NetFlow and pattern matching for traffic optimization, analyzing flow data and supporting security and compliance policies. The high-density 40G blade is easily configured and managed using APCON’s WebXR, the industry-leading graphical user interface.

The 20-port 40G Ethernet blade is available immediately for purchase. Any media representative who wants to schedule a product demonstration may contact the APCON public relations team at 503-682-4050.

For more than 25 years, APCON has consistently delivered smart, stable and scalable technology solutions that provide an unparalleled level of confidence to service providers and businesses seeking total data center visibility and security. Its customers range from midsize companies to Fortune 1000 enterprises in more than 40 countries. APCON assures superior network monitoring while supporting traffic analysis and streamlined network management and security.

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