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APCON's Ultra-Dense IntellaView 9RU for Hybrid Visibility

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APCON, an industry-leading provider of hybrid network visibility solutions, today announced its ultra-dense 9RU configuration of the next-generation IntellaView Platform to provide high-bandwidth routing to network traffic analysis and inspection tools supporting superior density even at 40G and 100G speeds.

To support this new level of capacity and throughput, and available immediately, is the latest release of APCON IntellaView ADVANCED, which sets a new standard with new capabilities and features for securing hybrid workloads running in cloud, virtualized and on-premise infrastructures. Support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth have been added, streamlining deployment and bringing the power of APCON simplicity to your handheld device. Support for up to five switches has been added for multi-chassis management in a single application.

Enterprises everywhere are undergoing digital business transformations that present a variety of network monitoring and security challenges. Network traffic capacity needs are exploding and organizations are rapidly adopting high-speed, high-density infrastructures, with risk of creating visibility and security gaps that traditional network tools may overlook. APCON IntellaView Platform provides a fully meshed network greatly increasing port density and bandwidth over previous generation technologies.

The next-gen 9RU chassis accommodates eight high port density blades, maximizing visibility and meeting the greatest network capacity requirements. It provides up to 384 x 1/10/25G ports and 32 x 40/100G ports when populated with 4030-52 blades or 288 x 40/100G ports and 3.2 Tbps of deduplication capacity when populated with 4030-36-2 blades.

“Digital business transformations create new complexities for network infrastructures,” said Richard Rauch, president and CEO of APCON. “Organizations are seeking solutions that are able to future-ready their existing hybrid networks. IntellaView [IntellaView] provides organizations with a dramatic increase in bandwidth potential to accommodate the requirement for greater network traffic speed and capacity needed to support various data-intensive applications.”

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