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Alleviate Data Spike Stress on Network Monitoring Tools

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IntellaFlex Traffic Manager aggregates, filters and buffers traffic to address data bursts and reduce oversubscription of network monitoring and security systems

APCON, a leading provider of intelligent network monitoring and security solutions, introduced its IntellaFlex Traffic Manager. This newest specialty blade is designed to handle instantaneous traffic bursts to alleviate network security and performance tool oversubscription and provide better visibility into traffic behavior.

“Scale is critical for business. IT teams must ensure their data centers are optimized and their network monitoring infrastructure can handle data growth,” said Richard Rauch, president and CEO of APCON. “Network traffic is increasing and with it comes the potential for traffic bursts. By aggregating, filtering, buffering and shaping incoming traffic, APCON’s Traffic Manager can maximize tool investments, which are critical for providing a summary of network activity.”

Traffic capture systems offer a standard buffering functionality, however when traffic exceeds the normal rate and high bursts of traffic occur, oversubscription on monitoring ports can result in a loss of packets. The IntellaFlex Traffic Manager offers 36 ports of 1/10G Ethernet along with the following features:

  • Enhanced buffering and burst absorption with deep 15GB ingress buffers
  • Buffering and rate shaping up to 360Gbps of traffic
  • Traffic aggregation, flow control and port tagging
  • Load balancing
  • Industry-leading WebXR configuration and management
  • TitanXR and Mobile App for centralized management, reporting and notifications
  • All ports are 1/10G configurable and no port licensing is required

IntellaFlex Traffic Manager processes traffic through the backplane to other aggregation and filtering blades in an APCON IntellaFlex XR network visibility system. Users can choose and configure traffic optimization features using WebXR and centrally manage multiple switches utilizing TitanXR.

The IntellaFlex Traffic Manager is available immediately for purchase. Any media representative who wants to schedule a product demonstration may contact the APCON public relations team at 503-682-4050.

For more than 25 years, APCON has consistently delivered smart, stable and scalable technology solutions that provide an unparalleled level of confidence to service providers and businesses seeking total data center visibility and security. Its customers range from midsize companies to Fortune 1000 enterprises in more than 40 countries. APCON assures superior network monitoring while supporting traffic analysis and streamlined network management and security.

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