Network Visibility for Data Centers,
Branch Offices, and Remote Sites

IntellaView EdgeSwitch

Reduce cabling costs and complexity for
distributed networks

The IntellaView EdgeSwitch.

IntellaView EdgeSwitch

APCON provides affordable and scalable technology solutions for IT teams looking to efficiently aggregate, filter, and send traffic to security tools.

IntellaView EdgeSwitch is a high-density 1RU system with 32 ports of 40G/100G Ethernet capability, while the breakout mode can support up to 128 ports of 10G/25G. The EdgeSwitch enables efficient traffic aggregation, filtering, load balancing, tunnel management, and port tagging standalone or as part of a larger visibility solution.

The last thing the IT team wants to do is run more cables across their data center to improve traffic aggregation to a larger switch.

Simplify your distributed network environment with a top-of-rack solution for end-of-row traffic aggregation.

Cables doing into a computer.
Nodes connected in a geometric pattern.

Small businesses and remote sites deserve – and need – enterprise-level network visibility.

Improve your network monitoring and security with an affordable standalone solution.


Improve network visibility into remote sites as traffic, remote work, and new technologies

Nodes in

Enable fundamental traffic aggregation functionality for small businesses


Increase end-of-row traffic aggregation to centralized switches

Nodes out

Provide excellent port density for edge aggregation applications

Traffic Aggregation

Aggregate top-of-rack switches, consolidate remote sites, and simplify traffic management for advanced processing.

A diagram explaining traffic aggregation.
A diagram explaining traffic filtering.

Traffic Filtering

Pre-filter and send traffic to security tools.

Distribute traffic with load balancing group

Optimize traffic flow and processing to increase tool efficiency.

A diagram explaining load balancing.
A diagram explaining load balancing.

Port Tagging

Gain visibility into where network traffic originates to increase network security, now including ERSPAN-based VLAN tagging.


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