Protect Network Traffic from
Inline Security Tool Failure

IntellaView Bypass Network TAP Switch

Eliminate downtime.

What happens to your network if a security tool fails, loses power or needs maintenance?

Traffic stops, the network breaks down, security is compromised and your business suffers – or worse.

How do you keep a security device or monitoring tool from becoming
a single point of failure?

You turn to an external network bypass TAP to override the tool, keep traffic flowing and eliminate network downtime.

The IntellaView Bypass TAP blade with its inside components visible

IntellaView Optical Bypass TAP

APCON provides the most advanced external bypass switch technologies and products so you can continue to use your 10G and 40G tools with 100G network traffic and reduce security risks and performance issues if an inline appliance is offline for troubleshooting, updates or sandboxing.

The IntellaView Bypass TAP blade is a fail-safe solution that bypasses traffic around security tools so networks remain operational and available.


Failed Tool Icon
Automatically bypass security tools
with six fail-safe optical bypass TAPs.
What is network visibility?
Achieve complete network visibility
with product compatibility.
Batch Update Icon
Support tool redundancy and failover
with filters that send traffic to relevant tools.
Availability Icon
Extend 10G tools and older
lower-rate appliances.
Future Proof Icon
Future-proof networks for
400G high-speed networks.
Fast detection icon.
Detect inline appliance failure
in milliseconds.

Security tool offline - don’t wait or worry

Bypass network traffic around the tool. Provide inline behavior for six network TAPs and protect the network from interrupted traffic flow when performing security tool maintenance or a malfunction occurs.

  • Protect your network from tool disruption and remove a single point of failure.
  • Extend the life span of 10G tools with multiple failover functionality.
  • Utilize new many-to-X TAP connections.
  • Maintain high network availability.
A network engineer standing in a data center while holding a laptop.

Detect tool failover in milliseconds

Monitor the health of your tools and automatically detect and bypass a tool to quickly resolve problems.

  • Don’t miss a beat with heartbeat and link stat monitoring functionality.
  • Quickly switch to a failover mode if a tool failure occurs – and failback with speed when the tool comes back online.
  • Gain a broader range of power and latitude to detect issues and take corrective action – rerouting traffic if necessary.

Distribute traffic with load balancing group

Reduce worries and costs that come with 10G and 25G tools as you increase to 100G traffic.

  • Provide security tool redundancy and automatically redistribute traffic to other appliances in the same load balance group (LBG).
  • Connect to lower bit-rate tools with rate conversion using LBG.
A diagram showing the bypass tap connected to multiple inline tools.
IntellaView 9RU, 5RU, and 3RU

Why APCON’s IntellaView Optical Bypass TAP is the right solution for you

Organizations choose APCON for network visibility and security because of our unprecedented product compatibility. The Optical Bypass TAP provides advanced functionalities that work seamlessly with all APCON systems – 1.5RU to 9RU.

APCON’s next-gen 100G IntellaView Platform also offers advanced visibility features:

  • Achieve end-to-end network visibility with APCON compatible products
  • Proved advanced network monitoring by mirroring traffic of interest to other IntellaView blades.


Frequently asked questions

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Who is it for?
Organizations who want – and need - to move to next-generation networks but also want to hold on to previous generation tools. Network and security engineers who need to protect 100G network traffic and port to 10G and 40G tools.
Why do you need it?
Gain six bypass tap failover protection, so your security tools aren’t overwhelmed with 100G network traffic. Improve the ROI of your expensive inline security tools and appliances to reduce cost. Easily upgrade to high-speed networks with the hardware already in place.
What’s so special about it?
Heartbeat monitoring technology provides functionality for automatic tool failure. Six 40G/100G Bypass TAP ports with many-to-X TAP connections on a blade can be expanded to 24 lower speed ports. Support for up to 24 inline appliances in port breakout mode. Compatible with the new single-blade 1.5RU IntellaView chassis.
Can I see the IntellaView Optical Bypass TAP in action?

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