IntellaStore II+

Security Visibility Platform

Total Network Security and Complete Ease of Use,
This is IntellaStore II+

The IntellaStore II+ offers complete network visibility for midsize data centers and remote locations. This security visibility platform combines APCON’s world class packet aggregation and filtering technology with advanced features such as integrated traffic capture, storage, and onboard analysis tools.

Identify Potential Network Security Threats

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More Secure

Blind spots on your network make you vulnerable. The IntellaStore II+ aggregates, filters and optimizes data for packet visibility and feeds forensic and security tools allowing you to analyze data using real-time diagnostics and configure proactive alerts.

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Safeguard Data

Reduce the regulatory and compliance risks with the packet slicing feature, which enables the capture of traffic without exposing sensitive information. 

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Monitor Efficiency

Advanced filtering, deduplication and packet slicing dramatically reduces traffic going to tools by up to 55%, effectively doubling analysis tool capacity.

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Reduce Costs

An all-in-one security visibility platform saves space, reduces resources needed for installation and implementation and lowers overall maintenance costs.

The IntellaStore II+:
Visibility, Security, and Performance

IntellaStore II+

IntellaStore II+ Blade includes dedicated data capture and storage for on-board traffic analysis and advanced multi-function features. With 12 ports 1G/10G and 2 ports 40G Ethernet, this blade is ideal for advanced network monitoring applications at mid-size businesses or remote locations.

  • ACI-3033-S14-1 Blade

    IntellaStore II+ Blade


  • IntellaStore II+ with ACI-3036-XR Chassis (front)

    High Speed Packet Monitoring

    Twelve ports of 1G or 10G Ethernet and two ports of 40G Ethernet provide high speed data network monitoring. All ports include aggregation, filtering, and any-to-any and multicast connections. Ten 1G/10G ports also feature APCON’s advanced multi-function features including deduplication, load balancing, protocol stripping, time stamping, tunneling and packet slicing. The Multi-Function Pipeline feature allows up to three operations to be performed on packets passing through a single port.


    WebXR, APCON's embedded web-based graphical user interface is included on all IntellaStore II+ switches. With no software to install, managers can immediately begin configuring port connections in an intuitive environment.

    Port connections can be managed using point-and-click on the Ports screen or drag-and-drop on a Visio-style graphic view.

    WebXR Deduplication User Interface
    Download latest version (6.04.1) >>

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