IntellaFlex XR HyperEngine

Ultra High-Speed Packet Processing

IntellaFlex XR HyperEngine

Each HyperEngine network packet broker blade adds up to 200Gbps of high performance processing features to IntellaFlex XR monitoring systems. Traffic sources can be aggregated to the HyperEngine Packet Processor to perform advanced processing including deduplication, NetFlow generation, protocol header stripping, deep packet inspection or tunnel termination for virtual network monitoring.

WebXR deduplication software


Removing duplicate packets improves monitoring tool efficiency, accuracy, and recording space requirements. This enables monitoring tools to provide greater visibility while lowering overall costs.

  • Fully configurable duplicate match criteria
  • Duplicate match window size 1ms to 500ms
  • GRE, NVGRE, VXLAN compatible
  • Simultaneous deduplication
  • Processor performance up to 200Gbps

NetFlow Generation

IntellaFlex XR monitors network traffic and is an ideal source of NetFlow records for monitoring NetFlow traffic statistics. Offload processing from routers and other production equipment to increase efficiency and save costs; plus consolidating NetFlow sources reduces network traffic and simplifies the monitoring architecture.

  • Unsampled 1:1 or sampled 1:N flow statistics
  • NetFlow v5, v9 and IPFIX
  • Generate up to 16 simultaneous NetFlow streams
  • Supports up to 16 NetFlow collectors
WebXR NetFlow Generation User Interface

WebXR Tunnel Termination User Interface

Tunnel Termination

Tunnel Termination enables multiple applications including virtual network monitoring.

  • Terminate up to 512 tunnels (32 per service point)
  • Up to 200Gbps decapsulation on 16 service points
  • IntellaTap-VM virtual monitoring compatible

Deep Packet Inspection

The HyperEngine’s Deep Packet Inspection feature enables data privacy in support of compliance to HIPAA, PCI and internal best practices by protecting customer and employee personal data such as Social Security Numbers, cardholder data and/or employee records. DPI also provides the ability to search packets for cyber threats such as malware and forward suspicious packets to forensics tools for further investigation.

  • Inspects the packet payload looking for specific data patterns
  • Configurable actions include mask, forward or drop identified packets
  • Import Regular Expression (RegEx) signatures from a file
  • Variety of common RegEx signature templates provided
WebXR Deep Packet Inspection User Interface

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