IntellaFlex EdgeSwitch

Packet Aggregation Solution

Low Cost, High Visibility

Extend your IntellaFlex XR network monitoring systems with a high density, low-cost whitebox switch solution complete with industry-leading WebXR and support for data center top-of-rack visibility.

EdgeSwitch Blade front

Distributed Monitoring

The EdgeSwitch integrates APCON aggregation and filtering technology on a high density self-contained 1RU white-box platform. Aggregate top-of-rack switches, consolidate remote sites and forward traffic of interest to IntellaFlex XR monitoring systems for advanced processing and centralized tool farm connection.

It provides excellent port density for edge aggregation applications with 48 ports of 1G/10G and six ports of 40G. Features include any-to-any connectivity, aggregation, filtering, port tagging and trunking.

IntellaFlex XR Family 

EdgeSwitch is fully compatible with APCON’s premier IntellaFlex XR network monitoring family, providing common operation, user experience, trusted APCON service and support for Titan centralized management.

IntellaFlex XR Chassis Family Photo

Complete integration with APCON's industry-leading WebXR graphical user interface

WebXR Blade/Port Status Dialog Box


With WebXR connections on EdgeSwitch can easily be set up to aggregate SPANs from top-of-rack switches. Traffic can be filtered and forwarded to IntellaFlex XR systems to take advantage of advance features such as multi-stage filtering, deduplication, load balancing, packet slicing, time stamping and protocol stripping.

Download latest version (6.04.1) >>

Learn more about APCON's EdgeSwitch aggregation and filtering technology

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