Security Conversations at RSAC 2017

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There are a growing number of security risks associated with today’s implementation of technologies that are transforming the way organizations conduct business and run operations. And headlines talking about how IoT devices are being hacked for nefarious purposes, means that whether it is at work or at home this digital transformation is effecting all parts of our lives. The good news is throughout this year’s RSA Conference there was an atmosphere of innovation and an on-going push to ensure security approaches are rigorous and more sophisticated.

Here are a few takeaways from the conference.

Security at Work and Home

RSA Conference speaker Dr. Hugh Thompson, chief technology officer at Symantec, talked about security of the future in his Radical Innovation: Revolutionizing the Future of Cybersecurity session. He stated there is no longer a line anymore between security at work and security hygiene at home. He stressed we need to get to a place where we can preserve privacy in a way that protects people and respects their integrity both at work and at home. If you weren’t at the RSA Conference, this session is online and worth listening to.

Cybersecurity Skills Shortage

There were more than 43,000 attendees throughout the week crowding into the conference’s keynotes, peer-to-peer sessions, tutorials and meeting with an estimated 550 industry vendors in the North and South Halls of the Moscone Center in San Francisco. But despite this strong turnout of security professionals, there is still a staffing shortage issue for those companies wanting to grow their security team.

Looking to address the staffing shortage head on, RSA held an inaugural cybersecurity and diversity session and invited an amazing group of students through the RSAC Security Scholars program. These students from 20 schools are starting to explore careers in cybersecurity. The APCON team was encouraged by those students who dropped by the booth to discover and discuss the tools needed for better network visibility. APCON is strongly committed to mentoring and has an intern program to grow expertise in its local communities. Everyone in the security industry must continue to lead and inspire future generations.

Anticipating Cyberthreats

Highlighting the need for a different approach, keynote speaker Dr. Zulfikar Ramzan, chief technology officer at RSA, discussed ‘Planning for Chaos.’ He explained the necessity for security professionals to become business driven security leaders in a time of chaos that constantly upends expectations and redraws boundaries. He stressed today’s security professionals must draw connections between security details and business objectives, and organizations must look at how their strategy changes when the objective is to plan for chaos, instead of anticipating its arrival.

Supporting Your Security Approach

APCON’s booth was located in the South Hall where the team connected with and learned from the hundreds of professionals tackling data security and privacy. The APCON team also attended several sessions to gain insights on different approaches IT and security professionals are using to combat cyberthreats. With decades of experience, the team was able to share network security and visibility best practices.

APCON is delivering solutions to create a solid network visibility architecture that provides you with network insights to make the right decisions for the business. Connect with us today to learn more about how security starts with network visibility.

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