Securing Your Mobile Workforce

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The other day I was at home when I received an email that looked a little suspicious. At work we recently discussed the rise of phishing emails, and this particular one represented some of the examples mentioned earlier that day. I didn’t click on the email, but it did make me wonder what would happen if I did. It wouldn’t only affect my computer, but could potentially put my company’s data at risk. 

Risk of Company Data

Companies have embraced the phenomenon of bring-your-own-device. Employees are now working from anywhere and using any device. Although this mobility increases productivity, it also increases the organization’s attack surface. In a survey conducted by IDG Research, 82 percent of corporate laptop users admitted to sometimes bypassing their organization's VPNs. Every time an employee downloads a file from your company’s server using a hotel, airport or restaurant’s Wi-Fi, your organization’s data is at risk.

Many companies have overlooked or underestimated the security risks posed by unprotected or unmanaged personal computers and laptops. It’s time for IT and security professionals to consider these devices when evaluating their network and security architecture. Here are simple but effective tips to consider:

  • Implement a mobile security strategy
  • Validate employees have highly secure remote access with an encrypted connection back to the corporate network
  • Inventory all connected devices
  • Confirm individuals are authorized to access the data and allowed to do so from that device
  • Implement an employee cybersecurity education program

Although the above strategies can help prevent an attack, when advanced malware or ransomware does enter your network, IT and security teams must be prepared. This is where network visibility comes into play.

Monitor Everything

Security tools require visibility of your network traffic. Improved network visibility can help you become proactive in resolving issues impacting your network security and performance. APCON is helping companies large and small design a robust network visibility and security architecture to centrally collect and analyze data at every point on the network including physical and virtual environments and remote locations.

APCON’s solutions allow IT departments to gain visibility into their data across their network in a meaningful way and apply the insights to network and security problems. APCON’s IntellaFlex solutions can help identify network performance opportunities and manage risks. Its scalable, high-capacity, reliable design increases tool efficiency and lowers enterprise monitoring time, and all while helping increase network security.

Contact one of APCON’s solutions engineers for more information on how our solutions can help secure your network.

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