Rise of White-Box Switches in Data Centers

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Business requirements are constantly changing and the need for flexibility in data centers is increasing. Instead of spending hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars on traditional servers, white-box (off-the-shelf generic) systems are providing a cost-effective, alternative solution for today’s data centers and will be used in future deployments.

For example, Gartner’s ‘Market Guide for White-box Storage Systems’ report indicates that by 2020, at least 25% of large enterprises will deploy white-box storage solutions, up from less than 5% today. Other applications enterprises are considering are white-box switches and routers, and more recently network monitoring systems.

Integrated Solution

Network engineers need a completely integrated solution to drive and manage traffic to their network performance, analysis and security tools. Rather than having to purchase a disparate set of hardware and software and then having to develop and integrate them, our EdgeSwitch, a white-box solution, is completely integrated within our entire intelligent network monitoring ecosystem, IntellaFlex XR. It uses the same familiar WebXR GUI to configure and manage the switch that all IntellaFlex XR products use. It also integrates completely with TitanXR to be centrally managed with all other APCON products as well as being able to utilize the APCON Mobile App suite for alerting.

Network engineers can use our white-box visibility switch to aggregate multiple SPAN/TAP traffic feeds into IntellaFlex XR switches to perform more advanced processing, such as multi-stage filtering, deduplication, load balancing, packet slicing, time stamping and protocol stripping, on the traffic before being sent to network analysis and security tools.

The 1RU form factor of the EdgeSwitch gives users the flexibility to deploy in standalone or top-of-rack environments. For instance, it can be used for low cost top-of-rack edge aggregations that utilize 40G uplinks from remote data centers to push traffic to centralized IntellaFlex XR switches.

IT professionals need a one-stop shop for complete network visibility, seamless integration and support. With our EdgeSwitch, engineers are confident they have a streamlined and cost-effective solution that has the scalability for future growth. To learn more about how our white-box switch can help bring network visibility to your data center, contact our team today

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