Ports Statistics Window Enhances Troubleshooting

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This is number three in our blog series on the new features available in our v5.14 firmware release for the IntellaFlex XR family. In this post we look at the enhanced Ports Statistics window.

Could you manage without your car’s dashboard?

The Ports Statistics window allows users to view up to 125 different statistics related to the network traffic flowing through an IntellaFlex XR switch on a per port basis.

These statistics provide critical information about how well the switch is operating which is similar to how a dashboard in a car informs the driver of how well the car is running. Most drivers would not want to drive a car without a gas or temperature gauge. Likewise, a network engineer wouldn’t want to operate a switch without a broad range of statistics that explains how the traffic is flowing through the switch.

Here’s an example: if more packets are arriving at a port than can be processed, an oversubscription statistic informs the user of the number of packets dropped. Knowing this type of information allows the user to reconfigure the connection to prevent oversubscription from occurring.

To do that, the user selects the desired port for viewing statistics by clicking the port in the blade panel, which then lists the port in the Statistics table.

The Statistics table allows the user to easily view the statistics for numerous ports at one time, thus making it easy to troubleshoot network problems. For example, the user can identify the number of filter matches and/or regular expression matches that have occurred for the traffic flowing through a particular port.

Another handy feature is the ability to export the statistics to an Excel compatible file by clicking the “Export Data” button. This action displays a pop-up window that allows the user to upload the statistics. The user can then graph the data or share it with colleagues.

The type of statistics displayed in the Statistics table can be easily modified by clicking the “Configure Columns” button. This action displays a pop-up window that allows the user to specify the statistics to include or exclude from the Statistics table.

In summary, the enhanced Ports Statistics window adds one more tool to the APCON’s network visibility solution toolkit that helps users to easily identify network traffic and security issues. Below are links to the other blogs in the series. The first blog introducing time-saving and Powerful Capabilities to Enhance Network Visibility highlighted the Check for Firmware Updates feature, which automatically informs users as to whether their IntellaFlex XR firmware is current or out of date. It also talked about the Protocol Header Stripping functionality for the HyperEngine Packet Processor Blade. The v.5.14 second blog looked at the powerful functionality of applying up to three multi-function operations on packets passing through a single port of either the IntellaStore or the Multi-Function blade to free up ports for additional monitoring.

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