Network TAPs: Meaningful Visibility for Cybersecurity

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According to the Ponemon Institute 2017 study “Cost of Data Breach”, the total average cost of a data breach is $3.62 million with many reaching the billion dollar mark. Increases in digital services has caused the risk and cost of potential breaches to skyrocket.

Data breaches and the costs associated with them are a lot like purchasing a smart phone. You never know when the phone will fall from your pocket or tilt out of your hand which is why consumers purchase cell phone insurance. They like many businesses don’t know when or where a threat is lurking but they recognize the potential. Much like enterprises recognize the presence of security threats but unlike consumers – they aren’t proactive in their quest to keep the bad guys at bay.

Gartner’s 2017 report, Cybersecurity at the Speed of Digital Business”, highlighted that by the year 2020, 60% of digital businesses will suffer major service failures due to lack of risk management. It is important for businesses to recognize the need for state of the art network monitoring equipment that is able to mitigate security risks.

Many enterprises invest in security solutions but fail by selecting a tool that is not 100% secure or by failing to manage the system properly. This is because security solution architectures ignore critical elements such as de-risking drop packets and monitoring all packets. In addition to this, switched networks hide data packets and errors from network monitoring solutions. These architectures can be easily enhanced by leveraging Network TAPS (Terminal Access Points) as a means for obtaining absolute network visibility.

The primary objective of a TAP is to passively capture network traffic. Due to its passivity, a TAP can monitor all traffic between two network points and provide that data to tools. Because TAPs offer an uncensored view of all network traffics, they have become an integral part of the network monitoring architecture.

APCON has been designing and manufacturing industry leading passive fiber optic network TAPs for 25 years. These TAPs help engineers and IT security professionals gain absolute network visibility to minimize risk.

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