Network Security Starts With Network Visibility

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It's a constant struggle to protect your company from intruders trying to find ways into your network. Cyberattacks are increasingly difficult to detect and defend. Attackers keep looking for different ways to breach your network, and they will continue to evolve their tools and techniques. This raises the question of how to know when an attack on your business is taking place.

In two weeks the APCON team will be attending this year’s RSA Conference to discuss the latest security challenges and trends with delegates. This year’s RSA Conference is from February 13 – 17 in San Francisco at the Moscone Center. Throughout the conference, IT and security professionals will learn new approaches to security and have the opportunity to participate in hands-on sessions, keynotes, information gatherings and demonstrations.

Make APCON A Part of Your RSA Experience

Security tools require visibility of your network traffic. Improved network visibility can help you become proactive in resolving issues impacting your network security and performance. To learn more about network visibility, drop by our booth #S519 during RSA. Here is what we will be showcasing:

Security Monitoring Appliance – Our traffic visibility and diagnostic tools demonstration shows how our IntellaStore family captures traffic and runs applications to identify and diagnose network traffic. With this single solution, network security and monitoring is made easier for remote and branch locations. Network engineers can remotely diagnose issues with immediate data, eliminating the need of assistance from operational staff in the branch. And instead of investing in many systems, this end-to-end visibility application provides a cost-effective solution for branch and remote locations with enterprise results. 

HyperEngine Packet Processor – We are also demonstrating our high speed packet processor blade that increases efficiency and visibility for security and performance monitoring solutions. Each HyperEngine blade adds up to 200Gbps of high performance processing to IntellaFlex XR monitoring systems. Easily select any 16 traffic sources, including aggregated and filtered traffic within IntellaFlex XR systems for fast processing with advanced features such as packet deduplication, NetFlow v5, v9 and IPFix, and GRE generation/termination, to provide greater visibility and reduce the load on your network security tools.

24/7 Alerts – Our mobile app gives you the power to monitor your APCON visibility platform from anywhere and at any time. The APCON Mobile App communicates directly with IntellaFlex visibility platforms and integrates with TitanXR, our multi-switch management software, to receive alerts. The mobile app provides IT and security professionals with 24/7 real-time feeds on key network monitoring system alert issues. For example, important monitoring events such as an indication of an oversubscribed tool link or an inline security device failure on the network will be detected and alerted.

Don’t miss the opportunity to increase your network security. Register for RSA today or contact our events team if you want to schedule a demonstration with one of our technical representatives.

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