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One common challenge we face each day is staying on top of the massive amount of information we receive. If that’s not bad enough, we also have to routinely search for information we need that is not automatically sent to us. Our team have given this a considerable amount of thought and we have introduced a really cool 'Phone Home' feature with our recent v5.14 firmware release for the IntellaFlex XR family.

This latest release is packed with new features that expand the capabilities of the IntellaFlex XR network visibility and security systems and makes life easier.

Check for Firmware Updates

The new Check for Firmware Updates feature informs users as to whether their IntellaFlex XR firmware is current or out of date. Users no longer have to periodically check the APCON website or read through various email messages to identify the latest firmware version.

Instead, when the user logs into the switch, the IntellaFlex XR switches can check the APCON website for newer firmware. If a newer version of firmware is available than is running on the switch, a New Firmware Available button is displayed at the bottom of each WebXR screen.

Clicking the New Firmware Available button displays the Firmware screen that contains the new Firmware Updates panel.

This new panel informs the user of the latest firmware version available on the APCON Support website, as well as when the firmware was released. Also included is a download button that opens a new tab in the user’s browser and displays a login window for accessing the new firmware.

This login window provides access to a custom web page that includes installation documentation and the latest two versions of firmware for the switch. Users no longer have to search through the various firmware versions to find the latest available firmware version for their switch.

Protocol Header Stripping for HyperEngine Blade

Also supported in the v5.14 release is Protocol Header Stripping for the HyperEngine packet processor blade. Packet headers that may not be supported on older packet analyzers can now be stripped at 200 Gbps using the HyperEngine high performance packet processors.

Protocol headers that can be stripped using the HyperEngine blade include:

  • VxLAN
  • GRE

Deduplication and Protocol Header Stripping for HyperEngine Blade

Besides stripping packet headers, the HyperEngine can now perform two operations at a single service port: deduplication and protocol header stripping. Instead of using two service ports where a single service is applied at each port, the HyperEngine blade can now apply both deduplication and protocol header stripping at a single service port for the following protocols:

  • GRE
  • VxLAN

This new multi-operation capability frees users from having to create extra connections between service ports; thereby allowing the user to have more service ports available for other services.


In summary, APCON’s latest v5.14 firmware release for the IntellaFlex XR familly supports several new time saving features. This blog has discussed just a few of these features. Stay tuned for follow-on blogs covering additional new features that save time and make more efficient use of the IntellaFlex XR switches.

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