Eliminating Network Blind Spots

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Networks are complex and dynamic. It takes expertise to know everything occurring on your network. And knowing what is happening on your network is crucial when cyberattacks are a constant worry.

According to IT Business Edge, today’s attackers now prefer to move low and slow, creating channels to steal prized information over extensive periods of time while remaining under the radar, which is causing problems for IT professionals.

Network and security professionals not only need to build perimeter defenses to keep predators out, but now must gain and maintain network visibility to determine if an attacker has already breached their network. Also, with new equipment accessing your network through BYOD and IoT, and next generation data center upgrades, virtualized technology, and applications in the cloud, network blind spots can occur, resulting in security risks, compliance issues and network or application performance problems.

Reevaluating Your Network

Network and security professionals should reevaluate their monitoring systems on a regular basis to determine if their architecture has kept pace with today’s network environments. If you can’t state the below sentences with confidence, it’s time to look at enhancing your visibility fabric. 

  • I have complete network visibility to prevent security and performance issues. 
  • I can monitor and diagnose issues at my company’s remote locations. 
  • I have the appropriate amount of solutions in place to avoid overloading tools and preventing oversubscription or data loss.

Network Monitoring Solution Provides Visibility

When a leading healthcare insurance provider’s network, security and unified communications teams reevaluated their network, they realized they couldn’t say the above statements with a high level of confidence. The previous monitoring equipment installed was unable to address the blind spots the teams were experiencing, making it difficult to secure their customers’ sensitive information. The need for complete network visibility was urgent.

Fortunately, our network monitoring solutions were just what the healthcare insurance provider was looking for. First, they decided to implement our IntellaFlex XR monitoring systems with advanced blades in two of their main data centers. APCON’s protocol stripping feature was key to understanding encapsulated traffic and removing blind spots.  

Next, the network and security teams installed our all-in-one monitoring appliance, IntellaStore II, to gain visibility of their remote locations. Lastly, the unified communications team deployed an IntellaFlex XR monitoring solution to prevent tool oversubscription and data loss by aggregating, filtering and load balancing VoIP and voice traffic. 

With our solutions deployed in this healthcare insurance provider’s network, the security, network and unified communications teams now have complete network visibility, allowing them to diagnose network problems and suspicious activity faster.

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