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In our previous blog post, we discussed the importance of elegance in designing a network visibility infrastructure that helps you handle today’s troubleshooting challenges. What’s the benefit of an elegant solution? We see a few.

Elegant solutions are:

Cost effective: Elegant solutions are well-planned. If all of the solution’s elements — data capture, data storage and data analysis — are in a single device like APCON’s IntellaStore II+, the need for crash carts, lap tops and monitoring tools to be dragged around the data center or to a remote site when trouble is flagged are eliminated.

Easy to manage: Access to multiple IntellaStore II+s via one centralized management dashboard makes the management process even easier, especially for those remote or collocated data centers. Being able to log into a dashboard and look into issues at those remote sites and not have to send someone out to play detective not only saves employee time, it also means that problems can be diagnosed and corrected sooner.

Space saving: Elegant solutions are often well-contained. In the case of the IntellaStore II+ network monitoring appliance, it’s everything that’s needed to perform a robust level of monitoring in a single rack unit of space. That makes it ideal for those remote sites where space is at a premium. And because it is modular, the IntellaStore II+ blade also fits right into our IntellaFlex XR enterprise network visibility solution.

Additional benefits of an elegant solution

Sometimes issues arise on networks that can’t be diagnosed with tools that engineers are currently using. With the IntellaStore II+, our customers are able to go out and download new tools, load them on an IntellaStore II+ and easily do an evaluation. We also maintain a list of certified and tested network and application performance monitoring and security analysis tools.

Using IntellaStore II+ allows packets to be uniquely filtered, managed and then forwarded to a dedicated processor for storage or analyzed using on-board visibility tools. Once the data is stored, it is captured until discarded. Forensic packet storage captures data once then allows multiple tools to gain access to the data for analysis. Our latest IntellaStore II+ is a powerful device specifically suited for midsize networks or enterprise customers looking for knowledge at the branch or remote site level.

To find out more download our brochure or contact our sales team for a demonstration. 

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