DoDIIS 2017 Recap and Takeaways

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The Department of Defense Intelligence Information System (DoDIIS) Worldwide Conference took place earlier this month. This year’s focus was on the complexities of cybersecurity and in particular around dominating the cyberspace against persistent threats.

Today’s fight on a digital battlefield and the protection of critical infrastructures are two very good reasons why so many IT leaders from government organizations and the DoD attended the conference, which also gathered many from industry. Over a few short days, this community came together to share best practices, strategies and solutions to address a variety of cybersecurity issues.

APCON’s team were excited to be at DoDIIS. We have a long history of providing network visibility solutions to government and military organizations, government-related academia research projects and the contractor community. We hosted product demonstrations in our booth and enjoyed being able to share our experiences and expertise in how to gain full network visibility for security monitoring.

Monitoring in a 100G Network

Many of our conversations at the conference, revolved around the need to reduce big data from a network monitoring perspective. Network links have grown from 1G to 10G and are now moving to 40G and 100G. Getting this data flow to something manageable for distribution to network analysis and security tools can be a challenge. Many analytical tools become oversubscribed, and very quickly IT and security teams realize that they are not seeing the whole picture. Some attendees indicated that they don’t need to see everything, they just need to hone in on the network traffic they are truly interested in analyzing.

Complete Network Visibility

Network visibility of high speed networks was just one of the demonstrations the APCON team shared with visitors. Our network visibility and security solutions offer the ability to gather traffic from various points on the network and reduce the big data syndrome down to something manageable, meaningful, and relevant to pinpoint network performance and security issues.

APCON's IntellaFlex XR network visibility and security solutions with advanced features such as packet filtering and deduplication showed attendees how we can help refine the data they are seeing and be more precise about getting the traffic of interest to the right security tools. And for high performance packet processing of up to 200 Gbps, we demonstrated APCON’s HyperEngine with features such as NetFlow generation, protocol header stripping and deduplication.

DoDIIS attendees were among the first to see the HyperEngine’s new Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), which allows IT and security professionals to search packets for cyber threats such as malware, and forward suspicious packets to forensics tools for further investigation. The DPI feature includes Mask, Pass and Drop actions, configurable by the user, to support data privacy and compliance to regulations.

Cloud Watching

Data no longer sits within the data center, it is everywhere. Proactive monitoring of the entire infrastructure is critical to shorten the network performance and security threat detection and response cycle. There were many concerns raised around cloud security. As more applications transfer to a cloud environment, the lack of visibility leaves organizations open to security risks.

The APCON team showed how network visibility solutions can provide the means to collect and coordinate data for network performance and security analysis. By connecting points across a variety of network environments to APCON’s traffic visibility solutions, IT and security teams have a complete and consolidated view of their data centers and remote sites and areas of great concern such as public cloud deployments.

Lastly, we offered the DoDIIS attendees a special preview of APCON’s IntellaView Series 4000 network visibility and security platform. Available in early 2018, this solution addresses the network monitoring requirements for extremely high density network visibility of on-premises and cloud environments.

Thanks to all who stopped by APCON’s booth.

We enjoyed meeting you.

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