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Podcast Interview with APCON's Tim Kcehowski - Intelligent Network Monitoring Products

Take a moment to listen to the CTOBOB podcast interview with APCON’s Tim Kcehowski to get the scoop on intelligent network monitoring products at this year’s Interop New York.


Produced and hosted by industry veteran Bob Pellerin, CTOBOB podcast aims to entertain and educate executive and business owners. The podcast concentrates on relevant up and coming industry hot topics with select companies that provide outstanding products and services. The site also offers technical solutions to submitted questions as well as key IT related news.



Hardening Defenses Against Hackers

Datacenter Dynamics

With notable security breaches at several major retailers, social media companies, and even the US Federal Reserve, CIOs and CTOs are under pressure to harden their networks against a tide of cyber-attacks that seems to only be getting worse. The proliferation of mobile devices, BYOD and the cloud is changing the way people work and collaborate and this adds further complexity to the network and security monitoring challenge.

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Why Mid-Tier Companies Need to Start Monitoring Their Networks Like Big Companies

Virtual-Strategy Magazine

A true market for network monitoring switches didn’t really exist until five or six years ago, when large Fortune and global enterprises realized they needed help getting 100-percent visibility of the masses of data flowing through their data centers.

Having come to the conclusion that there were blind spots on their networks, a number of enterprise network operations and security managers asked me a host of questions on the topic...

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Tough Talk to Take on the Hackers

Datacenter Dynamics

Security breaches at several major retailers, social media companies, and even the Federal Reserve, CIOs and CTOs are under pressure to harden their networks against a tide of cyberattacks that seems to be getting worse. The proliferation of mobile devices, bring your own device and the Cloud is changing the way people work and collaborate. This adds further complexity to the network and security monitoring challenge.

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Scalability for the Real World, Not the Imagined One

by Arthur Cole
IT Business Edge, May 2014

In this age of Big Data, mobile communications and the Internet of Things, virtually everyone in the IT industry is aware of the need for scale. But even with dynamic cloud architectures at the ready, is there such a thing as too much scale? And are there right ways and wrong ways to implement scalability across data center infrastructure?

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Don't Get Washed Away by the Perfect Storm

by Paul Ginn, Director of Marketing, APCON
Cyber Defense Magazine, March 2014

The Internet as we know it has reached a quarter century milestone.

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Let There Be Light - Creating Order Out of Chaos in Big Data

by Richard Rauch, President and CEO, APCON, Inc.

"Big Data" is among the hottest topics in business today. Executives want to know how to gain actionable insights and make decisions from the flood of data and metadata pouring out of their networks. That's good – it's their job to look for any way they can increase sales, reduce waste, and generally improve their business efficiency. But to get to those actionable insights, you first have to make some kind of sense of all this data.

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27 Finalists Selected for Best of Interop Awards

SAN FRANCISCO, March 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Interop today revealed the 27 finalists shortlisted for the Best of Interop Awards, recognizing their significant contributions to business technology. The Best of Interop winners will be announced on Tuesday, April 1 at 5:30 pm in the Interop Theater on the Expo Floor during Interop Las Vegas, happening March 31April 4 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

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Shaving Down to Nanoseconds with a Blade

Latency – the word that never fails to come up in any conversation about data centers. Proving low network latency is on the top of data center managers’ minds to entice companies to co-locate and ensure that data passing through that center can be analyzed, as much as possible, in real time.

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Network World's Product of the Week -- 36 Port Time Stamping/Packet Slicing blade

Provides the most accurate time stamping and highest capacity available, with unprecedented packet-slicing functionality, port density and flexibility. Enables latency measurement and reduces CAPEX and OPEX in financial network operations.

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Precise Time Stamping In Demand for High Frequency Traders

APCON released a new time stamping and packet slicing blade aimed at financial firms providing SLAs to HFT shops.

Today, APCON, a Portland, Oregon-based maker of scalable network monitoring solutions for enterprise data centers worldwide, announced the 36 port Intellaflex Time Stamping & Packet Slicing Blade, that can be used to times tamp data packets from high frequency trading firms. “We announced a new blade that does the highest accuracy of time stamping. It also delivers the ability to do the highest amount of capacity of time stamping,” said Paul Ginn, APCON’s director of marketing in an interview today.

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Industry’s Highest Time Stamping Accuracy And Capacity Achieved With APCON’s New 36-Port, 1G/10G IntellaFlex Blade

APCON, the industry leader in intelligent network monitoring and security support solutions, today announced a breakthrough in network monitoring switch technology: the most precise and highest capacity time stamping available in an all-new, 36-port packet aggregator blade.

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APCON Releases Sub-10 Nanosecond Timestamping Blade Switch

...can accurately measure the latency of each packet, says Paul Ginn, director of marketing at APCON. Though the tool is designed primarily for trading firms in the high-frequency ... will enable financial institutions to timestamp message packets with sub-10 nanosecond precision.

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Big Data's Big Benefits to Big Industries

Big Data isn't just for big banks anymore. In fact, if cultivated properly almost any industry can apply big data methods and analytics to more effectively target and serve customers.

True, the financial and telecom industries have set the standards in using big data. Twenty-five percent of big data use comes from the financial industry, and each of the four largest universal banks is spending $7-10 billion annually on enhanced network monitoring and data aggregation technology to inform sentiment and predictive analytics.

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Video - A Glance at True Intelligent Network Monitoring

Paul Ginn discusses how APCON pioneers game changing approaches to network monitoring architectures with intelligent network monitoring solutions.

From INTEROP to Cisco Live, APCON shows how businesses can achieve 100% visibility, aggregate and streamline Big Data and enhance the power of existing monitoring tools.

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Relieve Network Monitoring Headaches

Paul GinnDirector of Marketing at APCON, the industry leader in intelligent network monitoring and security support solutions, says:

We recently announced the latest software release of TITAN EP, the industry’s first and only multi-switch management system that allows IT and network operations to manage their entire network monitoring system from their desktop. Great for companies that have multiple data centers located around the globe, TITAN EP is a more efficient and cost-effective way to manage and provision your multi-switch network monitoring system.

TITAN EP provides a single, centralized point of switch management for network monitoring. Connections between any data source and any tool are made conveniently and instantly from the desktop, and locked in place for the duration of your monitoring session. In the event the data flow path is compromised during the monitoring session, TITAN EP automatically reroutes the traffic, maintaining the data flow - a capability that is unique in the market today.

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APCON aggregation switches now do 40G

Through a firmware patch the company's enterprise Series 300 network monitoring switches can handle 40G trunking.

An increasing number of enterprises are readying for 40 Gbps networks. However, not all of their current network monitoring appliances may be up to the task because they can’t handle that speed.

APCON Inc., a maker of enterprise-scale aggregation network monitoring switches, said Tuesday it has an answer: It has upgraded the firmware on its IntellaPatch Series 3000 switches to in effect slow traffic throught filtering and load balancing so 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps performance monitoring and security tools can perform optimally.

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BYOD and Network Security

Byline published by Mobile Enterprise, written by Paul Ginn, Director of Marketing shares insights on the phenomenon of BYOD and the overall impact to network security. Ginn outlines the benefits of intelligent network monitoring solutions.

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What Companies Will Need to Do to Keep Up with Network Monitoring This Year

TMC was able to recently speak with Paul Ginn, director of marketing at APCON, a company providing complete network visibility for improved network security and optimized monitoring tool efficiency, who divulged his similar perception on.

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Thinking about Security from the Inside Out

November 16, 2012 - Historically, IT security has been all about defending against external threats. However, the recent cyber-attack against oil giant Saudi Aramco reinforces the need to give equal weight to internal threats as well.

On August 15, 2012, an insider at Saudi Aramco used privileged access to the company's network to release a computer virus called Shamoon. The virus infected roughly 75...

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Bank Hacktivists' Next Steps

 November 1, 2012 - A group of bankers, analysts and tech professionals... think the substantial denial of service attacks aimed at the largest banks are a prelude to a longer-term series of smaller malware intrusions and insider attacks against banks of all sizes - actions that are much harder to detect and stop, but capable of doing harm in the form of ID theft, data breaches and network disruptions.

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Over 25 Exhibitors Feature New Products & Services at Interop New York

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 24, 2012 -- PRNewswire -- Today Interop, produced by UBM TechWeb, releases 25+ exhibitor announcements to break at Interop New York next week, October 1-5, at the Javits Convention Center. As the premier technology event for IT professionals, Interop provides an unparalleled platform for sponsors to showcase the latest technology advancements in business IT.

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APCON Promotes Availability, Scalability of its Network Monitoring, Traffic Analysis Tools

June 15, 2012 - APCON, Inc. was at Cisco Live earlier this week talking about how customers can use its highly available and scalable network monitoring and traffic analysis tools in their data centers to reduce costs.

Video: Dave Hubbard, APCON Regional Sales Manager

May 21, 2012 - Dave Hubbard, APCON Regional Sales Manager, discusses APCON newly launched high density 10G and 40G IntellaFlex Blades at Interop 2012.

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Interop 2012—It's all about the Network

May 21, 2012 - As ESG follows up on its early January research on Intelligent Management Aggregation Networks (iMAN), Bob Laliberte, Senior Analyst at ESG, reports on its trip to Interop Las Vegas 2012. Although iMAN remains a niche products for large enterprises and service providers, the market shows a definitive progression with some major consolidations announced over the past 6 to 8 months. As organizations transition to 10G and 40G connections, the focus is on the network traffic increases. Matrix switching solutions are taking an unprecedented place in today's networks. Watch this space!

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10 More Hot Products From Interop 2012

May 21, 2012 - APCON newest high density 10G Ethernet IntellaFlex Blade makes the
CRN top 10 hot products to watch from Interop Las Vegas 2012.

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APCON Showcases New IntellaTap solution at RSA Conference - February 28, 2012

APCON, Inc., the industry leader for intelligent network monitoring switches, today announced its IntellaTap managed network tapping solution. This innovative solution allows data center managers to simultaneously tap up to nine full duplex 10G fiber optic Ethernet links on a single blade that integrates seamlessly into an APCON network switch.

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APCON Inc. Opens Regional Office in Plano

Portland-based APCON Inc. - a corporate security technology manufacturer - has opened a regional office at 2301 West Plano Parkway in Plano.

The site for the regional office was chosen based on a thorough review of numerous regions in the United States, President and CEO Richard Rauch said.

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APCON: The Traffic Cop - August 5, 2011

With major data breaches becoming an increasingly common threat, corporate IT departments are making network monitoring and security hardware more of a

That's good news for APCON, Inc., the Wilsonville-based manufacturer of network
switching hardware.

APCON last year doubled its revenue, growing from $16 million in 2009 to around
$32 million.

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A Message from IT to the C-Suite: - November 1, 2010

Anyone who runs a business today knows that the economy, competition, regulations, and other forces have combined to create an unforgiving business environment. Enterprise executives in this environment struggle to achieve profitability, tasking every department to cut costs and increase productivity.

Given that nearly every commercial enterprise relies on its network for operations as well as revenue generation, it's surprising that more enterprise executives have not heard the message from their IT departments – investments in network management technology are key to growing the overall bottom line.

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Cutting Energy Costs in Enterprise Data Centers - June 1, 2010

Every business today is digging deep to find ways of reducing operating costs to remain profitable and enable reinvestment for continued competitiveness. Many are finding opportunities in their data centers, in particular opportunities to employ technology that can significantly decrease their energy consumption and operating costs. Until recently, this may have been perceived as an issue only for facilities managers. However, global economic conditions, mounting pressures on profitability, and other factors have combined to make energy cost containment an issue for all enterprise managers and executives.

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Monitoring 10G Links with 1G Tools - April 23, 2010

Many data center managers that need to monitor new 10G network segments can't currently justify the significant investment in new monitoring devices, but high density aggregation filtering systems make it possible to get the job done using 1G monitoring tools.

For a 10G tool, such as an analyzer, prices often start at $50,000, while the annual support contract can add another 15%. So the investment for an organization that has, say, five geographically dispersed data centers, each equipped with five analysis tools, can run to over $1 million in capital costs and nearly $200,000 in annual support fees.

Given this challenge, many organizations are finding ways to use existing 1G tools to monitor both the 1G infrastructure as well as the 10G links. What makes this possible is the advancement of aggregation and filtering technology.

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How IT Managers Can Reduce Data Center Costs - February 15, 2009

Every business today is digging deep to find ways to remain profitable. Many are finding opportunities in their data centers. Knowledge Center contributor Jason Perlewitz explains how data center managers can use advanced switch technology in their data center to significantly decrease operating costs and reduce energy consumption.

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